Wonderful You (by Kate Gleeson)

This past weekend, I cleaned up some scrapbooks and got rid of a few.  I have always told parents that if they need advice on getting rid of stuff (i.e. paintings their children make, worksheets, notes, etc.) a tip is to “wait” and go through the items many years later. This advice works for me and I was able to sort and toss a lot a little this weekend. 

This also meant going down memory lane (a bit) and in one of the scrapbook pages I found a small little book tucked snugly in place. Pulling it out I smiled because I remembered putting the small book in there so I would always have it. It was one of the many early-reader books that we read to our children (and nieces and nephews) and I had to share the words in a post today.

It makes me smile and I hope it brings a smile your way too. 

Wonderful You (by Kate Gleeson)

One day Big Bear said to Small Bear,

“There’s something you should know… 

I made a wish, and you came true, and now I love you so.

You’re the colors in my rainbow, the honey in my tea…

You’re butterflies and lullabies, you’re everything to me!

You’re bright blue skies on sunny days when we take a walk at noon.

You’re shooting stars on summer nights, you’re a ring around the moon.

Let’s hug the trees and ride the breeze, let’s gather stars and share them. 

We’ll talk to birds and learn their words, we’ll string some shells and wear them. 

Let’s name the clouds and dream out loud, let’s ask a fox to tea. 

We’ll thank the sun, and just for fun, we’ll wave to bumblebees. 

You are my child, my precious one – special in every way. 

I’m filled with the wonder of wonderful you, and I love you more each day. 





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  1. I remember when my oldest two were in nursery school (30 plus years ago). We rented an old farmhouse that was more house than our little family needed. One whole room I dedicated to their drawings. lol
    I got rid of them when we moved.

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    1. a whole room for their drawings – that must have been something to enjoy…. and I can imagine how big it was – I have seen some Virginia farmhouses… yikes.


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