36 thoughts on “Busy Fishin’

  1. Ain’t that the truth?! I often lament the mothers pushing strollers but ignoring the child and everything around them because they’re on their phones, the people sitting “together” in a coffeehouse or outdoors but all on their devices, the….well, you get the idea. Yes, I love my phone for its camera feature, but I have to actually look at life to see things worth photographing and if I’m “connected”, I’m all too often disconnected from the real world, what’s happening there, and what matters. Technology has given us many gains, but also many losses through lack of management.


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    1. Thanks Janet for the nice comment amiga –
      and this is my quote of the week from you:

      “Technology has given us many gains, but also many losses through lack of management.”

      true that

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  2. This made me smile! I think taking photos preserves my memories. I do feel fishing off a bridge is interesting, but by a lake or in the woods along a stream makes it feel more peaceful. Hugs, Robin

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    1. Hi Robin – I found the bridge pivot point interesting too. A few months after I took these photos a local reporter actually interviewed some of these local fisherman – if I find the article I will come back and link it. They provide a great example of “utilizing resources….”

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      1. This was something my father liked to do, to de-stress from NASA. His teaching me as well as the boys (2 brothers) has always impressed me over the years. ๐ŸŽฃ He was a liberated man! (Even giving me, the first born, a derivative of Robert, his name.)

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      2. I am glad you understood the impact upon my little girl self. Wishing others of my friends had had Dad’s who valued their daughters, they may have had more confidence as they made their way in the world.

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