Violet Vibrancy Poem –

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Poem: Violet Vibrancy

When I was younger

I was filled with ideas

     on a quest

ready to erupt on the world

   vibrancy; naivety

The years came

                       years went

storms flew fast

storms swirled slow

                          to the left

              to the left

      to the left

then to the right…


       each passing season

God’s grace

generously given


d e e p  replenishment


healing saturation

     Led to now

violet vibrancy…

bloom unfolding

       quietly bursting

               slowly doing life

Having something to give

                        feels so good

yet this violet vibrancy

       only whispers

of what is layered here


     Of Beautiful Life



Happy Sunday everyone.







28 thoughts on “Violet Vibrancy Poem –

    1. well the compliment is fully received and I never mind when someone says something repeated or even just “nice post” works for me – I am truly grateful to share this – and Woolly – those 17 years that you mentioned flew by would be the “to the left to the left to the left” part….

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    1. gracias Dan – and love how you say “in the right hands” – -ha ha – but I guess the good news is that there is room for “different strokes for different folks”

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  1. Yvette, this is a wonderfully striking post. The photograph launches itself at the reader, tugging us in. I love the poem, its path of reflection from the past to the present…of our dreams, and how we live our lives. The layout of the poem is superb and works so well…mimicking the left and right, highligting in bold, lengthening the gap in the word ‘deep’. Very clever and effective. Well done!

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    1. wo author annika – your comment was so succinct – thanks for taking the time to critique this poem –
      that was really cool to read – and I cannot thank you enough

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