Two for Tuesday (horses at the beach and 2 favs)

For this week’s dos para el martes, I have some photos of horses at the beach. This is sometimes what Virginia Beach, Virginia looks like in the off season. 



Part 2:

I know some bloggers do the “Oprah-thing” and post their “favorite products of the year” (and I really enjoy those kind of posts – well not if they have too many ads and too many linked affiliates, but those posts can be so informative).

I am not sure if I will get to create one of those posts this month, but maybe I could start with sharing two products that I have loved this year:

Product A: Kleen Green (here):

I first heard about Kleen Green back in 2002 when I was on the curezone forum.

I had no idea what everyone was raving about…. until – I used the product for myself.

Kleen Green is an enzyme cleaner that is also an air purifier, bug killer, and it is SAFE for gardens, plants, ponds and around children and pets!

It is a “must have” household product. Kleen Green is non- toxic. It is so natural and gentle that pregnant woman can use it (it is all enzymes, baby). It can also be sprayed in the car, on the body, and used on pets. Our black Lab says, “Woof, thanks for the Kleen Green woof – it makes my coat shiny and clean.”

The horse photos actually reminded me of the KG enzyme product because I think the owner of this company has an equine background. I believe the formulas began with horse care.  Not sure, but I AM sure that we need more all-natural products like this – because in today’s heavy toxic world – the little things we do can make a big difference.

Product B: NOW Foods Pure Lanolin

I could have picked a different item for my second share, but went with NOW foods pure lanolin because it is also all-natural and can be used for personal use, pet care, horse care – and it is so safe that nursing mothers can actually use lanolin for their chest, hands, lips, etc (safe for baby – safe for adults). We have been using pure lanolin since I first bought some as a nursing momma back in the 1990s. Usually we would whip it out during the winter and it makes a great lip balm (all natural and powerfully soothes) and because it is pure lanolin – there are no perfume odors or chemicals. It is more of a barrier and a little goes a long way.

Pure LANOLIN is also so great because it is effective for protecting and healing the skin. (And in summer 2015, The Profit partnered with a company that was started by a woman loved lanolin and wanted to share this with others – info here).

There is a time for coconut oil. There is time for plant lipids.

There is a time for Shea butter, jojoba, glycerin, castor oil, or maybe even a mineral oil….  and then there is a time when lanolin is the remedy.  I am getting some of the small pure lanolin containers to use as stocking stuffers (Medela makes them and they are really small – like 0.3oz small).

In closing, every home needs some pure lanolin – and the nicely priced (around 10 US dollars) NOW Foods jumbo container is win-win-win.

Have a doubly nice Tuesday –







33 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday (horses at the beach and 2 favs)

  1. Love the horse pictures! It is not something we would see here. What a great idea to post products you like and use. I have posted things like that on our personal blog. I think it’s good to share things that are worth the money and when it comes from people you can trust for their opinion, even better!

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  2. Riding on the beach looks like so much fun! Thanks for the heads up on those products. I’ve heard of Kleen Green but never tried it. And my lips are always so chapped in the winter, perhaps that lanolin will help. As always, sooner or later I usually go with your recommendations! I know you’ve done all the testing! LOL! 😆

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  3. Love the horse pics, the beach in off-season…some of my favorite places ! I’ll have to check out your 2 products, especially the lanolin. Dry winter skin issues, even when we are dedicated to using humidifiers…ugh. Thanks, Y.

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    1. Hi Van – if you do get some lanolin – please come back and let me know if it works.
      I have so many little stories I could share….
      like years ago (2207) a friend’s foster child had those red “chapped” lines around his lips and pure lanolin was the only thing that helped it heal.
      and recently, a friend was having a horrible time with the corner of her eyes itching – and lanolin applied there and to bridge of nose for merely three days was an elixir.

      lastly, another thing to consider for dry skin –
      try to ingest good oils and fats.
      I ams sure you already know this – but take some extra doses of a good olive oil, cod liver oil, or a nice fish oil and see the magic–
      people forget that we hydrate from the inside out and once I upped my oils and fats – I stopped buying daily moisturizer. I do use some lotions and oils on face and skin as needed – but just keep it in mind as you think skin.

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  4. Although I ride a lot every summer, I’ve never ridden on a beach (not many of them in Wyoming.) 🙂 Looks like fun. I’ll add these two products to my list of blogger friend recommendations. One of the products we absolutely love is RainX, which, if you apply if to your windshield, makes the rain roll right off. You can also buy it to put in the place for windshield washer fluid and it will re-apply every time you use it.

    Happy Tuesday!


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    1. Hi janet – I actually think of you when I think of horses because of your gravatar photo 🙂
      and I have heard of rainx and used it in late 80s with my first nice car – but now that you mention it I just might need to try it again. I cannot recall if it worked good – so I am taking your word –

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    1. I wonder why it is so much cheaper in NZ? Hm
      well that huge tub is extra affordable and I think it cost about ten US dollars – (that is two coffees these days = ya know?)

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        1. well thanks – and we used to always think of NZ as having amazing beef and a few other products – and the blogger Jill (@jillsscene) has also shared some posts “breaking up some of the stereotypes” about NZ – but I guess at the end of the day they just have “good fruits” of their beautiful terrain

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  5. I really liked the horses on the beach photos, Yvette. I also think that the lanolin product is wonderful. I will try the enzyme cleaner. Kleen Green sounds very good. 🙂

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    1. Hi R…. and if you do try the kleen green – a little goes a long way – and I forgot to mention that my twenty dollar bottle is not even half gone and I have it all year – and I have given a few samples away (in little spray bottles) – so it ends up costing pennies – which is cool – eh?


  6. Lovely beach photos 🙂
    Like you, I discovered lanolin while nursing, although, I’ve not given it up. Of course, I’m heavy into a few of the others you mentioned as well, bit like cooking, which oil is better where, lol!

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