Cheeky (Asian Street Art and Old Movie Memorabilia)

This post is linked to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge – the prompt is “cheeky” this week.

This depiction of a beautiful lady in blue – has some subtle lines showing her high cheekbones.
Lady on the couch has a cheeky smile….and C-3PO is almost cheek-less.


The Star Trek guys (you know – from the “motion picture”) well they have some cheekiness going on in that lunch box photo-art.

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15 thoughts on “Cheeky (Asian Street Art and Old Movie Memorabilia)

  1. I wonder if the Star Trek memorabilia are collectibles now, and must be worth a bit more than they did a while ago. They look like they are in mint condition 🙂

    I see you watermarked your photos. In the second photo of the lady and the street art, it sort of looks like you are signing off that you drew the work of art 😀

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    1. oh sorry about the watermark – I will fix that – I know some bloggers who add their logo and it loks like part of the photo – but I in no way want to misrepresent – esp when it comes to art – so thank you kindly for noting this –
      I am not sure if the artist signed his/her work here – I will look next time we go there and try to give them credit.
      and yes- most of those items are from one couples’ collection.
      I should have mentioned this in the post – but sometimes want to show photos only.
      Quick background
      last summer
      -this lady was doing an arts camp and ended with movie night – she bought some “old movie posters” online – and crazy – it was a national site and the man selling lived down the road from her. they talked – he offered to display his items (kindness is alive and well)
      and he set up some tables and it was so cool.
      I am sure some of the items were worth more than others….


      1. Lol! I thought it was really cool that your watermark looked a part of the art! But now that you mention it, totally see the point and don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that is your work…what with copyright and all :/

        That is so cool of the online connection and the man having room to display his work. Kindness indeed right there. It’s not everyday someone gets time, room and opportunity to exhibit what they love doing.

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    1. they had a king kong one to – one that my spouse actually had one like when he was little…
      a local art camp here had a movie night and this was what they decorated with – pretty fun


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