Old doors for Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

This first old door… was Noah’s front door last summer.ย  ย I said “was” his front door because he moved away from Richmond. Wondering who Noah is….??ย  Well come back after the holidays to find out (he is the awesome young manย I interviewed over the summer and he will be featured in an upcoming post – maybe early February).
Love the top part of this door – Is it a transom window or is it part of the door? I think it is the window for ventilation back in the day? The tree branch adds an ominous vibe, and then the crooked sign? Weird vibe at #421….
Maybe Dan knows, but these screen doors are either very old school or they are custom-made (or both). I wonder if there was a certain time when these type of screen doors were “in.”





This wooden gate is not very old, but I think the brick fence is old. What attracted me to this wooden gate was the minimalistic feel against all that brick. Maybe it came about like this: “Honey, what kind of gate should we put up along the brick fence?” “How about if I make a gate out of six slabs of wood and we call it a day.” “Okay, sounds good.” Done and done. lol
Also done and done….
Holiday escape anyone?


I was grabbing a photo of the gate (with wreathe with pink bow) and captured the couple walking. I sorta like the mood and busyness in this photo (messy signs, the neon ATM light, the uneven terrain, the structures, people carrying holiday stuff, etc.) and it is not the best quality photo – but has something moody appealing to me.


And just for fun…had to share this smoking hot dog character – displaying beads?? – It was down the pathway from our bustling couple


Well that is my contribution to Thursday Doors, where our host, Norm 2.0, keeps us all connected.

Go here to see more door photos for this week – well you know – if looking at cool doors is your thing.

And hope you have a nice day.






25 thoughts on “Old doors for Thursday Doors

  1. Interesting doors and observations. I think I already like to learn more about Noah now from seeing the door and the style of the house. Oh, and those fold-able chair and pot/pan at the front door are raised my interest to learn more.

    Do you like Escape room? I did once but mostly clueless. Lucky a bunch of guys that went with me are much smarter and got us out in time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi YC – ๐Ÿ™‚
      I will look forward to your feedback when I get to posting about Noah a little better – ok?
      and not sure what you mean about the escape room.
      I was figuratively referring to it as being a place to escape – but I assume it is a night club – is that what you meant?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I am sorry. The escape room (may have other names) is I think a new trend that I’ve seen them around these days. It is a place they have rooms setup with different themes to solve puzzles or meeting certain objective. You go in as a team (normally with a group of friends or commonly used for team building activity). There is a time limit on how long you need to meet the goal. If you spend longer than the time then you loose. Here is an example: https://escaperoomvirginiabeach.com/.

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  2. A very nice collection of doors. I don’t know about the screen doors, but I wonder if they are on hinges that let them swing both ways. I know people got pretty creative in industrial settings to keep bugs and critters out but leave a door open for ventilation.

    I do like the door with the intricate arched transom. That’s very pretty.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Dan.
      That is very interesting to think about how they were creative with functionality – and it makes me remember that not very long ago people did not have AC as a standard thing. hmmmm

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  3. Really interesting observation of the window overhead and ventilation. Maybe that was indeed the case a long time ago. Looking forward to hearing about your next project that has been simmering away ๐Ÿ™‚

    I grew up with screen doors in South East Asia – to not have a screen door in the places I lived back then was almost unheard of. That is, we would have the screen door and then the actual door. Part of the reason was for extra security, and also to keep bugs like mosquitoes out if we ever wanted to leave the main door ajar for some fresh air to come in (which is never because of the security issue, lol).

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  4. Another fine collection, I say!
    I do like the busyness you’ve captured with the box-headed human near the gate.
    Like the night and day shot, too.
    Marvelous double-double doors set.

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