Friday Food – 2017 favs (with 2 keto-friendly recipes- chocolate snacks and chub)

Um, yes – I did have “some” Florida Key Lime Pie this month (a few bites and it was more than enough – so satisfying).

We went to Florida to see my step-daughter and her spouse and it was fun.  However, coming back home meant we were clobbered with things to do as Christmas moved in….

I am still giving out neighbor Xmas-eve treats (bottom photos). It seems like we are down to 13 plates officially (it has varied over the years from 26 to even 10). Next year I am still going to do this fun sharing – but I think we will be doing bags (not plates) and we will deliver earlier in the day. Perhaps in the morning. And no sugar treats – hmmm – need to get creative so it is still splashes delish their way. 

Now for my post,  Have a few things to share:

1) Chub

Chub is a recipe that has been one of my favorite meals this year.

Our version of Chub is ground beef (lightly seasoned), sautéed cabbage, and plain full-fat Greek style Yogurt. Sometimes I add a little cottage cheese too. Other times I add a few pieces of chicken.

This is keto-friendly and so satisfying.

It can serve as a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We call it “Chub” because the first time we made it – the receipt had “Chub” printed for the beef and we thought it sounded funny.  We got the idea for this recipe from a guy that said one of his favorite power meals was some cooked cabbage and meat. Oh and he added hot sauce. 🙂


Now you might not have noticed, but in the photo of the Chub (above)- in the background are my new salt lamps.

2) Salt Lamps

Yes, I did get three salt lamps for Christmas – and I am excited to have them.

I guess these Himalayan Salt Lamps were more of the rage back in 2015 – so I am a little late to the salt-lamp party here – but now it seems like they are everywhere, including three at the Priorhouse.

I am using my salt lamps for air purification; in particular, for reduction of EM in rooms that have a lot of electrical components. However, I also believe that the lamps have a “grounding” effect on the human body. “Grounding refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body.” More here.

And so I feel like these salt lamps offer many small perks to help the quality of indoor air.

Dr. Axe has a really good post about salt lamps (HERE) with one of his nice infographics.

Also, earthing is interesting to learn more about – go HERE

3) Fat Bombs Chocolate (good-fat snacks without refined sugars)

Another keto-friendly recipe are these fat bombs I made on and off this year.  I called them walnut-cups, but Jason said they were fat bombs – and so we went with it.

They are super easy to make: To melted coconut oil add, cocoa powder, walnut pieces, and unsweetened coconut – they are sweetened with all-natural Stevia (not the stevia that is corrupted with the food additive Malodextrin – just plain Stevia…) – chill and serve.

3) Whey Isolate 

This next item is also a fav from this year. Even though we have been using NOW Foods brand of protein powder for many years (like their all-natural strawberry and creamy vanilla) as we scale back the sugar and carbs – the unflavored whey isolate is the best. It has no sugars added and it also tastes good. Further, it sticks with you for a while and that matters.  I don’t want to get on a tangent about how satisfying keto-friendly meals are – but people do not realize how satisfying it can be to get off sugar (you move away from feeling deprived of sweets to feeling nourished with real foods).

This unflavored whey isolate mixes easily with water and that comes in handy when on the go. I sometimes also mix in full-fat plain Greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk. I get no perks for this share – I really just like the product. 🙂

3) Closing Thoughts from A.A. Milne


If you want more Pooh quotes, check our Forest Garden (here)











27 thoughts on “Friday Food – 2017 favs (with 2 keto-friendly recipes- chocolate snacks and chub)

  1. Hope you had some lovely holidays, Y! The chub looks yummy though I would never consider it for breakfast since I prefer it sweet in the morning. 😉 Oh, and I like those fat bombs! They look like I could it them by the dozen! 😄 And those salt lamps look beautiful! I didn’t know the had so many health benefits, think I will do some research in them! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – well I know some folks might slam the salt lamps as a hoax – but the more I learn about grounding it seems that when people “need” bodily help – that is when these things work.
      I really need to post more about it – and if I do I will come and let you know –
      but one person even said that the soft glow of the lamp can just calm – whereas others suggest it is the ion and has to do with air quality and to do with particles we cannot see.
      and sometimes wellness – and daily moods – are the “sum” of many parts – and as life can sometimes bring a lot our way – finding little helps can make all the difference –
      and if you were closer – I would send you fat bombs in the mail.
      so instead – a virtual high five dear artista and happy new year to you too

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I completely agree that finding little helps can make all the difference, and often just being open for new things or perspectives can be helpful and these lamps sound indeed quite good to me. And I also have friend whom I think would love them too and I’m going to gift her with one to her birthday.
        And now you’ve made me wish I would live closer to you too! 😄 For the moment I will have to content to make them myself, luckily I have all the ingredients in store! Will let you know how the fat bombs turned out! Xoxo 😄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hope your fat bombs come out nice….
        and side note – thought of you last night – we saw an art display with some origami – reminded me of those crafty earrings you posted about- I will share the photo I took soon

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  2. I have a salt lamp too. I am sure you know this, but in hot humid weather they really do sweat if they are not being used. I found out the hard way. It is my indoor sun during the winter. So soothing to look at.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi- I did not know that they sweat – so far I have left mine on – I will keep you posted on my experience and thanks for sharing 🙂
      oh and a friend of ours, J, had her son tested with a naturopathic doctor and they have him wearing a chunk of the Himalayan Salt as a crystal – or he holds it in his hand – it is supposed to help balance his body – hm – have you ever heard of that?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have never heard of using the salt as a crystal. I do know it is great to throw in the bath. I will have to read up on it. Now I am curious.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. well I will find out more when I see her again – but I guess it was specific to what this teen needed – he also had to go outside everyday – barefoot! had to do with grounding

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      3. I could not do that – but I am in flip flops (have all types – the cheapies and the higher end ones) and I think I get some grounding that way – and my hubs bought those shoes that are supposed to be like going barefoot – have you seen them – they have toe slots?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, they are handy and quick to slip on and off in the summer. I won’t walk around in bare feet but once I sit down, I will kick off my shoes and dig my feet into the ground. He swears by it.

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  3. Yvette, I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog. This article is the one that made me stop and take a closer look because my husband has started us on keto-friendly eating. It’s difficult to do with my 91 year father living with us but sometimes we add things to his meal that we keep off our plates, like pasta.


  4. I missed this end of 2017 post, Yvette! I like the idea of salt lamps. I haven’t had one given to me, but maybe one day I will purchase one!
    I like your recipe for Chub. I also liked your treat cups. Mmmmm!


    1. will thanks for visiting my blog, Robin.
      and the salt lamps are under 20 dollars and they even have nightlights.
      also- last month I was at a place that had a room with chunks of salt that looked a lot like many lamps grouted together –

      I will try and post about it later this year, but here is a photo of the salt room (it was so nice)


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