16 thoughts on “Judge Judy and Xmas Lights (Wordless Wednesday)

    1. Good question – it was that late lunch hour – between 2 and 4 and we had just finished our meals πŸ™‚ so I think the folks were getting read to come in – and sadly they would be missing the fresh airing of Judge Judy’s show for that day –
      happy new year to you too –

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    1. thanks for the comment – and it was fun to see Judge Judy on while we were vacationing. There were a few years when my children and I watched her faithfully (cos there are many teaching moments from her show – seriously – like don’t play house with a partner and expect the courts to help you solve disputes – and don’t co-sign for a loan – ha – oh and cars can be lethal weapons…. many Judge Judy lessons to be grasped)
      anyhow, this was a personal photo for sure…:)


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