Yielding to the Heaviness (Flower Power Week 4)

To join in with Rebel Guy’s Flower Power from week 4- I decided to write again.

As I scrolled his photos (here) – I was drawn to the first photo he shared (below with my poem).

It seemed as if the leaf was pressing on the flower (to me it seemed that way).

It reminded me of times when a situation or matter feels heavy. Really heavy. Maybe theย initial thought felt like carrying lead and gave a feeling of being weighed down. However, as we process and problem solve – and as we adjust and yield – maybe things get lighter or we see they were not as heavy as we first thought.

Well that was what was on my mind:

The weight felt heavy


Right up in my bloom

that leaf did press

So with slowness and steadiness

I yielded





Adjustments made

Heavy no mas

Hope you have a nice day and thanks for reading







38 thoughts on “Yielding to the Heaviness (Flower Power Week 4)

  1. I found the slow and steadiness line of the poem interesting, because that is how heaviness creeps up on you. It usually is a matter of things snowballing and then bringing us down, or if there are a series of events that don’t leave us a happy person. Sometimes we can see it coming but just hope thing will get better…they eventually will. Or as you said, sometimes situations aren’t that heavy. We could very well be overthinking. Wishing you well ahead for the year, Y. I just had a think and realised our book is almost a year old ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks for your beautiful comment, M.
      and I love how you described the snowballing and how in some cases the heaviness sneaks up – so true!
      and maybe a different poem can address that – hah!
      and you are right – our book anniversary is upon us – I need to do something to celebrate – i will be in touch
      and xxooo


      1. Nothing can stop snowballing or when things all start rolling into each other – it can be a domino effect. It was such a pleasure writing for the book. Amazing experience which I will never forget. Thank you x

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    2. well the pleasure was my way too – and thanks again or reminding me of the anniversary and also I thought of your comment because I was just reading about stressors and someone said people can have a “blow out or a slow leak…”
      and it reminded me a little of the snowball build up you mentioned


  2. I like it. I think I can relate to your poem. Lately, I just notice mental blocks that weight you down at first but as you deal with it piece by piece, the thing gets a bit easier as it goes.

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    1. thanks so much for giving me the starting material. and here – it was that leaf pressing into the bloom that caught me (and I have read that you are now using photos without bugs – ahhhh – the rebel photos expand and unfold… ha)


    1. Hi – thanks for your nice comment – and hope is so much – but I think here i was trying to convey “adjustment” and also watching how we perceive – because sometimes change or a new situation might feel way worse than it turns out to be – so we adjust and wait and see – ya know

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    1. well thank you very very much
      you grabbed the essence exactly- Now I wrote this real quick (and for me that is part of the fun challenge here – I follow an impulse with RG photos – if it is there) and so later when I read it -what cracked me up was “all up in my bloom – that leaf did press…”

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    1. yes – and as noted – sometimes hard to recall in the moment – and then maybe there are times when there is no yielding – but removal – abrupt change – slow change – resistance – etc.
      now you got me thinking

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