42 thoughts on “Wall Decor from Mellow Mushroom in RVA (Wordless Wednesday)

      1. yes – probably – if you would be willing to part with them that is.
        I see lots of albums for sale when I visit certain used books stores – but they are usually not ones that people want to buy

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  1. Very artistic and interesting, I have quite a few of the things of yesterday. They would make a nice wall decor but somehow doesn’t go with the rest of the decor in my house. I don’t mind to give them away for someone to have great use of them,

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    1. yes- that is a good call to not force items if they do not match or fit the vibe you want….
      but it is still hard – and I hope the items find happy homes…. that makes it work even more

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      1. ๐Ÿ™‚
        and I have about 30 Monopoly games I need to find the right home for – do not want money for them – but want someone to value them -they were my son’s and he used to collect these board games – we got rid of a dozen but I think the rest should stay as set

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      2. I can feel the sentiment. When I give away clothes, even when the pants are too loose or too long for the fashion, I give away a a pant-suit set. I think they should stay together!

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      1. I have a thing about covers and the art work, plus the liner notes and information. The physical product has always been a source of amazement and inspiration from the first 7inch singles I could afford as a kid to the latest CD.

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      2. yes, I was young, but I recall going through family albums and looking at the art and inserts. Truly wonderful material. And it kind of reminds me of the days when DJs talked between songs and gave song info, album info and band details. Did you have that – radio DJs that had personality and music knowledge to inform and entertain?

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      3. Oh yes. Some were much better than others. Always peeved me when as a teenager, trying to record my fav song from the radio and the DJ talked over the intro or the end of the song

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      4. that is a peeve of mine too – shut up and wait until the song ends (or do not start it til you are done). and it also annoyed us if they cut off a song – like maybe a Floyd song or even a few pop songs – it is just wrong to cut off an ending note

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