Friday Food (Snacking with nuts, coconut and whole cranberries)

Wanted to share one of my favorite snacks: Raw pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts (halved), Trader Joe’s shredded coconut, and yes, those are plain cranberries.

The cranberries add a nice tarty crunch and their flavor seems to bring out a little more flavor from the nuts.

We had some leftover whole cranberries to use up and so I just grabbed a handful to try with this snack mix and it was tasty.Β  I also add whole cranberries to soup… mmmm.

Oh – and do I need to mention how nutrient dense and satisfying this snack is?

And some comics….







35 thoughts on “Friday Food (Snacking with nuts, coconut and whole cranberries)

    1. Oh Helen – I did not know either. But they are so good – which is why I had to post about them. The tartiness is a nice change and when mixed with other snacks it brings out more flavors.
      also – in soups – I like their “pop”

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      1. I definitely will give it a try. I thought it is very sour. I will google for soup recipe. Thanks.
        (I like their “pop”, too, when we made sauce in Thanksgiving. I love cranberry sauce.)

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      2. well let me know if you find any good recipes.
        The way I have made soup this week was as follows:
        boullion cubes (no msg)
        a few spices from cupboard
        one chicken thigh (already cooked)
        two eggs
        i heated the water and bouillion and let it simmer with the check thigh (added a little good fat to the base)
        added salt and dashes of spice
        added in veggies 9cali, broc and cranberries)
        after about ten minutes and I added in the egg (like egg drop soup)
        and just quickly whisk the eggs in to the broth (i added the egg for proteins and fats and taste)
        then stir gently as it simmers slow – about 3 minutes.
        serve in a bowl and add cheese on top – it melts away and adds a nice touch

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      3. well woo hoo –
        that made my day to read and you know – I almost added my soup recipe but then I did not.
        and I forgot – I sometimes add some olive oil – for even more good fat and flavor.
        My friend Mike – magnesium mike that is…. he drinks olive oil – not chugs – but he is so healthy and always reminds us to get those good fats – ahhhhh
        please let me know how your soup comes out
        and I think the amount of water I used was four cups and two bouillon cubes – but I change it up to taste
        and sometimes I add a few slivers of green cabbage for more nutrients

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    1. well I am so happy to have discovered this fresh snack of plain raw cranberries – and I will miss them when they are not on the shelves (aren’t they a holiday item?)
      and thanks for reading ….

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      1. ahhhh – that makes sense and I have heard that nuts (pieces) can get stuck in those pockets.
        and a side note – I could be wrong, but I think walnuts break down more than most notes – and I think almonds are the harder ones to grind and mash


    1. i loved reading that because I was just venting about something and I am not kidding – I said to myself – I could imagine what Joey would say – it would be similar to my response. and thne came here and yup – feel more in common with you now after this:
      “Lil of this, lil of that, more protein, lil more tart”
      AND after that corned beef post – mmmm – such a good jot

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