43 thoughts on “Weathered (Old Skeleton Keys)

    1. Hi – you are really funny.
      Your witty comment had me smiling because I never really thought about it but why do they call them skeleton keys?
      and character is there for sure – but I bet back in the day they were just “keys”

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    1. ahhhhhh – right on – and these are not any that I own. I thought about buying a few – but just don’t want to accumulate – unless it is something that really speaks to me – ya know

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  1. Are those your keys? Their shapes are more interesting than the more modern style keys. I am looking from how you replicate ones or attempt to hack the locks with these kind of keys back then. I am wonder they are easier to hack. For sure, the key holes are bigger. Water or weather protection is probably harder.

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    1. I have the same curiosities as you do, YC – how would one replicate them back in the day.
      and I seem to recall – many many years ago – a family member had a door that had a lock that needed a skeleton key and my cousins used various items to unlock it – it must have been stripped down.
      I guess it shows that we have a come a long way with locks – because the actual holes that were in the door for these keys also allowed “peeking into rooms” –

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        1. well I saw on some detective show where they spied through the key hole for investigating – ha –
          and I am sure folks knew how to plug those holes – eh?

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    1. my stepdaughter was with me when I saw these keys and she said exactly what you did – that she loved these kind of keys and how they whispered of the past – and
      cheers to you too –

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    1. well thanks for visiting and for checking this out – I will add what you found here:

      “a skeleton key is so-called because of its very basic, fundamental stripped-of-any-adornment shape, hence the β€œskeleton” of a key…”


    1. Hi thx for dropping by – and these were from an antique shop in Fla- it was weird because it was mini indoor place that had vendors set up with old and new stuff — and some were artists with glass art tables and lamps

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      1. All of them are old. I have picked a new front door but it won’t be installed until the summer. I even had old dressers that used them.

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