22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Broad street in RVA – color and B-W)

  1. I like the sign on the “Flavor” building 😉 And I don’t mean “Vanilla”, which I guess is a flavor…. It is funny that there are a lot of signs and words, but that is the clearest one. And yet, even though you told me it was there, it took a minute for me to see it since I was checking out the rest of the photo.

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      1. ahhh – I get it – and I have not seen Trent signs for months now – and when I saw this one- I realized it was time to grab a photo and show ya – it has been a while since the last Trent sign.
        and side note – I think the Trent sign means they now own that building – the old spice place – not sure – but only a few years ago this whole corner smelled like vanilla (or pepper sometimes) – and I am wondering if they shut down or were bought out – keep ya posted if I find out

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    1. thanks for the feedback – and I felt this too- and the black and white one seems to show the men on the left more whereas the color seems to show the art to the left – hm – little differences I guess

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