Best Beer and Sandwiches in Town (Friday Fictioneers and WPC)

Hello Readers, it is time for a Friday Fictioneers post.  Sandra Crook’s “derelict Building” photo was selected as this week’s prompt. As I looked at the building, I thought “What if… what if there was a nice eatery inside this place?”

I was already thinking about using an image of some beer taps for the weekly photo challenge, which this week is “variation on a theme” – and so here is what unfolded:

Here is the photo prompt:

Here is my fiction:

Best Beer and Sandwiches in Town (fiction word count: 100)


You cannot tell from this view, but behind these walls you can enjoy craft beer and an array of meals. The basement down below has barrels of beers, fresh food, and smooth service.

There is a wait to get in on Friday and Saturday nights – sometimes also for Sunday brunch. But if you are in the mood for lunch, well come on by and be ready to chow because behind these walls you will find amazingness all around. 

And shhhh…. keep it on the down low because we don’t want tourists here – this place is just for locals.


Here are the variation photos (the taps inside the building – ha):



If you want to join in with Rochelle’s Friday Fiction challenge, or read more entries, go HERE


I had no idea this photo was “a graphic example of Trompe L’Oeil” (more here)

and also – yes – this is for the locals – but bloggers with an active “gravatar” will also be allowed in with the first pint on the house.

Further, I thought about playing with the word Spanish word loco (adj.) “insane, crazy” to play off the locals word

maybe you’d be loco not to eat here…

And not sure if you all noticed the elevation play

the eatery is down below and we want to keep this place on the “down low”







37 thoughts on “Best Beer and Sandwiches in Town (Friday Fictioneers and WPC)

  1. Yvette, a great take on the photo prompt and I love how you’ve turned this sign of dereliction to something extraordinary…I’m sorely tempted and would go for a visit…but on the hush. Who wants tourists discovering the secret!?😀


    1. Hi Keith – I am so sorry – I forgot to note that there are exceptions for bloggers – just show your gravatar and they let you in the basement and first ale is FREE (to bloggers and locals)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Really enjoying your fiction stories cos they are all so creative! I love the idea that there may be a secret bar for locals only..👍😄


    1. Hi – exactly – because tourists are nice – but can overrun a place with a different energy – but some “bloggers” are allowed if they want to drink and eat


  3. That is a cool contraption for beer taps. I do not drink beer but this makes me want to have one.

    I can understand the mentality of not turning such a nice place for locals into tourist place. The story reminds me of a place in Fl. that sounds like it.


  4. Haha. I found this neighbourhood secret grouping endearing in these days of FB and Twitter where the entire world peeps into your life. Charming old world tale.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you have a really good point Lavanya – we are kind of exposed and out there and so a little exclusivity might be okay (or needed)
      and side note…
      I did listen to a researcher talk about her social media findings and how addicted to “sharing” some people have become.
      and for those who are…
      she suggested they write down (on a piece of paper) one thing (that was good) that happened to them that week and then they have are not allowed to tell anyone.
      Can they do it?
      They also have to crumple it up the paper and keep the outcome to self.
      Most struggle to keep it quiet.
      I think she went on about how we are so caught up in the sharing that it is integrated in the experience and well… another topic – but you really said a lot with the words “where the entire world peeps into your life…”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – thanks for reading and commenting – and I think it was the window on the right that made me think the place was decent inside – the battered front (which I guess is a Trompe-l’œil) is not indicative of the inside 🙂


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