Baked Granny Smith Apples


Upper left apple- added Balsamic vinegar (as Ruth suggested) the upper right I left plain and the bottom two had apple cider vinegar added, which was my favorite tasting.

Thanks to Ruth for this nice idea to bake up some Granny Smith apples. Her post is here.


And thanks to Linda for these:







47 thoughts on “Baked Granny Smith Apples

      1. Hi – this is what I liked was how easy it was – I think I overcooked mine a little – the ones to the right were a little too done – but the other two were a little firm… guess it depends on the oven, the dish, and apple size?

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    1. Hi PK, I think “created” is the key word – feels like a masterful photo shop project – but then again…. maybe some astute photographer was at the right place at the right time

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    1. thanks for saying that because after I put it on I thought – “hey that ACV comes from apples…??” and next time I am adding cinnamon and maybe an almond flour/butter crumble… maybe


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