49 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Quilt Art)

      1. The blue really is amazing! And I also love those gorgeous poppies in the foreground! Would love to see it in the original one day, there’s something so special about seeing art, and textile art even more, close up. There are some beautiful tapestries to admire in the V&A in London, the only thing making it even better would be touching them! 😊

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      2. oh you are so spot on – touching them is a nice treat and some artists allow certain pieces to be touched – and yet i can tell why older pieces of textile art cannot be touched – it would erode them.
        There was a couple in Florida who had a huge art collection – mostly paintings – but they would insist people touch and feel the abstracts – they sure were “all about the experience” of art –

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      3. That’s wonderful that some artists allow certained pieces to be touched! And yes, touching textiles from the Renaissance for example wouldn’t be a good idea. πŸ˜‰ I had a prof at uni though who insisted that we touch old Greek statues during his seminar in the museum! We were all like “What?!?” Because well, you actually shouldn’t because of the acids and fats on our palms. But since he told us too, we naturally did, and it was amazing!

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      4. my kind of teacher – even tho as you said – there are reasons we don’t touch – but that teacher sounds like he had some passion for experience
        and shhh – I did touch the quilt – but only lightly and then pulled back and remembered “not too”
        but it was late and cold… and – well –

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    1. Hi M, yeah, I wonder how they did that too – or if i t was a bit watered and allowed to run over and stain.
      some of the people were “loosely” stitched and not to knit pick – but wonder if that could have been tighter

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      1. maybe they were done that way on purpose.

        and a big trend is to take your old shirts (esp.. t-shirts) and have them made into a quilt – my step-daughter did this with volley ball shirts – very cool


    1. well thanks for dropping by to see them – and I was just telling someone else- they were nice in person – but the color stands out way more in the photos. It is one of those times that live and in person was a little lackluster (like we all walked by it many many times and it sits high without any fussing) and then I decided to grab a photo or two and later at home – wow – the color and details popped


  1. Yvette, this is a wondrous piece of art! The detail is amazing and the rich vibrant blooms are beautifully captured…a real burst of colour, all subtly shaded! Wow! Who made this quilt? An individual or a team effort? When? Perhaps I’ve missed an earlier post. Is it on display anywhere?


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