Trees – “Sometimes” ( Transforming Beauty 2)

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of creating a “Sunday Trees” post to use up leftover photos (here).

I have some tree photos accumulating and it is time to do a similar post.

Please join me….


Sometimes life has everything lined up – things are nice and neat.
Sometimes breaks happen.
Sometimes we need to clear things out and process – make needed change.
Sometimes life feels complex, but still solid and grounded
Sometimes solid and complex leads to heavy and weighty
Sometimes light infusion comes at just the right time
Sometimes we find ourselves neatly tucked in with a sense of order
Sometimes bliss is felt and we stand taller, almost on a colorful high (these potent times carry us thru darker days)
Sometimes things change abruptly
Sometimes winter wears us down, but not completely
Sometimes we thrive “in” and “through” less than ideal- because it is what we do
Sometimes we find our groove with chicness
Sometimes cold comes, but instead of absorbing offense we let softness do its thing
Sometimes we cry – and feel – and work things through
Sometimes disappointment shows up – again
Sometimes we actually enjoy waiting it out, finding a “patience groove” while making do….


Sometimes another person can make all the difference


Sometimes we feel God’s glory coming down and it fills us all up
Sometimes people take little twigs and place them on slabs of wood to make tree art and sometimes this makes us smile.


Last time, I closed with two comics and sometimes I like to do this, so here we go:


Closing side note, Priorhouse sometimes take a blog pause and this will be the last post for a few weeks.

See you in March….



Thanks to themofman for asking me if I was going to do another long “trees” post – it started the idea….









41 thoughts on “Trees – “Sometimes” ( Transforming Beauty 2)

    1. Thanks so much Dan. The second one is two of the same photos layered – that helped me create the dark trunk part to the front. was just messing around with it last month…. ha

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  1. Noooo, Yvette!! Don’t leave! 😒

    Anyways, I enjoyed this post and all the beautiful photos. Enjoy your break and see you soon. God bless.

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  2. Professor Prior! This is an absolutely wonderful post, with such beautiful trees. I love trees, how different they can look at different times, in different contexts. Great thoughts, my friend. I hope you are doing well. Peace ….

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    1. thanks msw, and you know I love your variety of comics.
      that air freshener comic was a personal choice for me because when son2 was growing up we had many talks about those nasty chemical fragrance emitters – and someone once gave him a six pack of them and I was like, “ugh…” or we once saw one on ground in parking lot and he was like, “mom…. look…”
      and going to check out your post now

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    2. oh that was such a fun surprise to read your opening in the Jan post:

      Of all the wonders of nature , a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable…consider the leaves , so green and leafy (if not, something is wrong).Behold how the branches reach up to heaven as if to say ,”Though I am only a branch, still I would love to collect social security” Woody Allen


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  3. What a fantastic collection of tree photos! Trees are such beautiful subjects: lovely in all seasons and in all settings!
    My favourite is God’s Glory: I love how you’ve captured the light to the side, and how it passes through the tree branches.

    Have a good break! See you in a bit!


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