More Savoring in My Story

To join in with the weekly photo challenge HERE, which is to “tell a Visual Story” this week, I have some photos to remind us all to maybe slow down a bit. 

When I saw this man relaxing on the bridge – he seemed to be appreciating the moment. 

So chill.

It reminded me of savoring, which involves noticing and valuing the positive aspects of life.

When was the last time you savored something? 

Pausing to enjoy nature?

I want “my story” to include more savoring moments. 🙂 

How about you?

P.S. I savored seeing this tree in bloom last week:

Linked to Sunday Trees 330







35 thoughts on “More Savoring in My Story

  1. What a beautiful tree in bloom. So true that we not only should slow down and savor our life but that we need to. That’s one thing I love about being here is that there is so much beauty to stop one in their tracks! Love and hugs!


  2. Nice pictures and the savoring moments. I guess to savor a moment in the literal sense of the phrase one must first peel off all layers of pretense. Nothing beats the “soulful savoring” – the one that tugs at the heartstrings.

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  3. You know, I’m all about gratitude. I love to savor the moment. I wish life was a bit more deconstructed than it is so I could pause to savor more.
    Today, one that struck me was my husband elevated my leg over his lap. It was sorta the perfect stretch. It felt good and it was sweet. I liked it.

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