Micro Fiction (Early Departure, Late Departure, Delayed Departure)

Hello Blog Friends,

Priorhouse is still in a bit of a blog pause mode, but had to check because it is time for another triple shot fiction post.

I hope the challenge hosts do not mind, but every now and then (like here) I like to combine my three favorite fiction challenges into a single post.

Part 1: Rochelle at Friday Fictioneers (here) gave us this mansion prompt:

Early departure (Fiction word count: 99)

After a three-hour drive, we arrived at the mansion to a feigned welcome.

“Oh, wow, you guys came.”

“Well, yeah…. we RSVP’d….”

“Um, yes. (fake smile) Glad you’re here. The coatroom is down there.”

Meandering to our dinner seats, anger and rejection turned to softness.

With a gentle smile I knew not to take it personal. Family relations are sometimes strained. It happens. Just how it is….

Gracefully, I told our hostess, my sister, we’d be slipping out before dessert because of the long drive. It was true, but wasn’t the only reason; our early departure was also a matter of dignity.


Part 2:  Sunday Photo Fiction

Late Departure (fiction word count: 200)

After leaving the party early, with a sense of dignified pleasure, the car park was closed for the night. We could access our vehicle, but valet had the master key.

What could we do?

“Let’s grab a change of clothes and brainstorm while getting into jeans.”

“Sounds good.”


Sitting on the coffee shop patio, with a 4,000-dollar sequined gathered-waist gown in my travel bag, with the hubs’ rolled-up tux beside it – we talked. The sun was setting and the conversating was good. We talked about the family mansion, now in my sister’s care, the beauty – and all that headache maintenance as well. We discussed the cold vibe – rudeness. We didn’t mind missing dessert, but felt loss for not being able to enjoy family. Perhaps another time.


“Now, what do we do with this wide-open schedule?”

“Hey, how about if I check last-minute flights?”

“Okay, but no place north. Only south.”

After some searching – and another cup of tea – the destination unfolded.

“A red-eye flight to the Bahamas – leaving at eleven – return flight in two days.”

“We could manage that!”

Making our way towards the airport, which was across the street, we smiled with adventure for this late departure.




Part 3: What Pegman Saw 

Delayed Departure (fiction word count: 150)


Waking up to crystal blue water with 200-foot visibility – led to a deep-exhale smile.

While shopping for beachwear, we bumped into an old neighbor.

“Kathy???         Is that you?”

eyes bulged

smiles led to hugs

Hearing about Kathy’s current loss and mode of grief, made my heart swell with appreciation for the basics.

As Kathy talked, my mind wandered.

The coldness from my family still stung, but somehow felt trivial now.  ‘Maybe we’ll join them at Thanksgiving,’ I thought…..  ‘Nah… but we can still find ways to keep’em in our lives without axing them completely; love’em with healthy boundaries.’


Kathy asked if we’d be on the island next Tuesday because they had extra tickets to a white-tie fundraiser gala.

“Oh wait, you probably don’t have anything dressy to wear.”

“Actually, we do have formal wear with us. Don’t ask….

So let’s see if we can delay our departure.”

“Sounds great.”



Well thanks for reading and please click on the links if you feel like joining in with some fiction this week – or click if you want to read some more entries. You won’t be disappointed.

Closing Thoughts (via comics):







49 thoughts on “Micro Fiction (Early Departure, Late Departure, Delayed Departure)

  1. So… lucky for you, I play in two of your challenges and would have read them both. 😉
    How nice it would be to be able to up and leave on a whim like that! (As I am looking at last-minute vacation possibilities…)


    1. Hi Dale – well best wishes on your last-minute vacation hunt.
      I almost feel like the deals are no longer what they used to be – !
      back in the 1990s I used to catch last minute round trip tickets from Denver to Orlando for 150$-
      and even just ten years ago there were mega deals to be found – but in my opinion it has been lackluster in last few years –
      anyhow, hope you find something enjoyable

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      1. Nah… gonna save my cash for Italy in October instead!
        You guys have insane deals compared to Canada. It’s cheaper for us to go visit you than to visit our own country. Ridonkulous.

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        1. that is crazy – and that means we love Canadians…
          and it seems like our deals are not always good for us either – sometimes it is cheaper for flights to Ireland than it is to go coast to coast in the States-
          Really depends…


        2. I’m kinda glad to hear that. It makes no sense to me that it’s cheaper to go out of instead of within our own country.

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  2. Dear Yvette,

    The way you wove the three stories together and brought them full circle was nice Like Dale, I would’ve read both the FF one and the Pegman one. It might have been helpful to have a separate link for each for those who didn’t want to commit to the whole shebang. Nice use of three prompts in any case.




    1. thanks Rochelle, although I am not sure how I could have linked just one without make three separate posts. hm
      anyhow, appreciate the read and feedback


  3. Love how you combined the three to make one great story! Cute tortoise cartoon and a wonderful quote! Hope all is well with you and you’re not receiving snow. Hugs!


    1. Hi L- no snow here – but has been cold – but not too bad.
      thanks for the comment –
      and with the turtle one I think some of us good insert “decades” into the spot for years – ha

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    1. Hi – thanks for the feedback and combining helped me save a bit of time – was easier to stay with same theme – and hope you are having a nice month of March so far

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      1. It’s a brilliant way of doing it instead of thinking of different themes for different prompts. I’m doing fine. Will go see my granddaughter this weekend. I’m going at least once a month!

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        1. and I was actually starting to get a little cranky – that was how I knew it was time to pause – lol
          and feel fresh now – and best wishes with figuring out your pacing – it does change sometimes eh

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        1. wonderful – and I might pick your mind about some of your writing projects – but not too much – not to be a bother – lol


    1. yes – me too – and she wrapped the “mega posh frock” in layers of tissue paper so it made the flight well – lol


    1. Thanks so much Mahesh –
      this was not that planned out at all –
      but after I read it later – I realized a few common themes I tend to have – or maybe want to have more and more in my writing
      and one of those here was how some sometimes friends fill the gap where family might leave folks short.

      And so the pure joy Kathy and the main character had upon seeing each other (eyes bulged and hugged) was what should have happened when the sisters met- but it was not the case.
      Also – and this was not intentional – the couple arrive at a party where they were invited but not really wanted –
      and then end with being invited and “really” wanted as extra tickets are offered their way.

      As I am sure you know – I like when things like this unfold on their own when we get busy writing…

      thanks again for the visit and comment amigo

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      1. All of these points came through without much”telling” since in fiction it’s “showing,” you know. I really liked this one – and look forward to more fiction posts from you.

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