It’s Time (Friday Fictioneers)

Friday Fictioneers (3-16-18) PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz

It’s Time (Fiction word count: 100)


Teenager used camera and left it outside.

Angry thoughts clicked while folding the tripod.


“Sorry I left the camera out, but guess what mom?

I captured that fox!

Well… at first I left the lens on – but then I did the ‘rip and grip’ and captured’em running – caught a bokeh effect – from the porch lights….!


Am I in trouble?


“Actually – get your jacket.

It’s time to buy you some gear. We’ll start with a nifty 50.

Also, we need to talk about sloppy habits – you CANNOT leave gear outside.”


Okay mom, I promise to try to focus better.




Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle – Go here to join in or read more.

Author Notes

Grip and rip (and spray and pray) refers to taking as many shots of one subject as possible in order to get one or two sharp – or awesome – images (more info here and here).









53 thoughts on “It’s Time (Friday Fictioneers)

    1. soooo NICE to “see” you Sreejith! and you should check out Friday Fictioneers- I read along for years (well on and off) before joining in – so nice to read such short pieces – my kind of fiction.

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  1. Prior, as a parent of a teenager who is rather absent minded, I loved and related to this. So true to life. Thanks for introducing me to Grip and rip (and spray and pray). I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of these before, but I did my photography training pre digital when you tried to get it right the first time and bracketed shots and couldn’t afford to take randoms on the hope something might work. I have felt that while we now have loads more photos, that most aren’t really worth having and even stuff I see printed in newsletters etc is poor. I am using the phone on my camera more now than I used to, but it still feels like having both hands tied behind my back. Nothing like using an SLR!
    BTW that’s a great photo of the fox. Love it.
    Best wishes,


  2. Not all parents would be so receptive. Then again, I imagine the child’s enthusiasm had a lot to do with it! And yes… bloody hell… FOCUS and put your stuff away! Can you tell I have to repeat that ad nauseum here?

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  3. Nice 🙂 And I love the last line “Okay mom, I promise to try to focus better.” Teen years might be the most confusing: a bricolage of purpose and indistinctness 🙂


  4. A lovely teaching moment. The teenager has talent and interest, and even though he messed up in leaving the equipment out, his mom wants to encourage that. Of course, with the caveat that the teen learns to be responsible. Nice job! =)

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