Sunday Trees and Travel with Intent’s Devastating

Joining in with Sunday Trees #331 (here):

This next photo is to link with Travel with Intent’s One word Sunday here , which this week is the word DEVASTATION.

A UPS truck being towed… devastating! ha!

I am kidding, but for some folks this could be devastation (need their stuff).

Another reason I chose this image for a Sunday post is because one thing I love about the day and age we live in is Sunday deliveries.

Well not all companies deliver on Sunday – but I think it is about time – and I say bring it.

And with that – I hope the rest of your Sunday is pleasant.





23 thoughts on “Sunday Trees and Travel with Intent’s Devastating

  1. Love the pictures! Not so sure about Sunday deliveries. On one hand, I get my stuff earlier…On the other, that means I have to actually get up and open the door. I’m all about Lazy Sundays. 😂


  2. I love the quality of your first picture. It is really nice with those thin fog in the early morning. I like the morning feel.
    Talking about Sunday delivery, I think these days are quite common. Even USPS do so too and I just saw one came to my next door neighbor.


    1. well it depends on the schedule of delivery drivers.

      and my spouse and I have been those kind of people who have worked sundays for a long time –
      and we have different days off – if that makes sense.
      And some people want the off schedule – and some people want to work holidays – even Christmas…. I have seen it many times 🙂

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    2. oh and we know someone – well know their mom and she shared the story – who keeps checking his phone to get delivery jobs and Sunday is his best day – enriches his wallet and puts a bounce in his step


    1. I get that – I do….
      but some people “want” to hustle and work on Sundays (and some holidays) and they maybe like to take off different days for their off days or days of rest.
      But I get where you are coming from –

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    1. Hi – did you mean the UPS truck being towed?

      well the word for Deb’s challenge is “Devastation” and seeing the Delivery Truck being towed means that packages were delayed a bit. Get it? So if someone was waiting for a delivery – they might have had to wait longer.
      Although I bet that UPS was on top of this because they have a stellar reputation for being on time and early.
      Their slogan used to be “what can brown do for you” and we have a plant of theirs here in VA and once in a while I will be near their exit road – and a small swarm of trucks exit – like bees!
      I am sure they stagger the exiting times – but there are periods when it is a lot.

      anyhow, there was also a Penske truck making deliveries in our area this weekend – and many companies skip UPS and Fed Ex to have folks deliver for them using a rental truck. And someone said that Amazon might be starting their own delivery company – -and hey why not?
      Needless to say this “delivery” area is going to be radically different in the next few years –


    1. Hi – thanks for the feedback and is SO interesting you mentioned the lines for the spaces because I almost took those out – and with little thought left them in – so I appreciate the feedback – and maybe I left them in because it showed another part of the scene showing how those trees are not remote country – just every day Virginia

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      1. gracias

        oh UPS is “United Parcel Service”
        which “is an American multinational package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions.”

        and I assume the UPS truck is EMPTY as they likely got the items off as it was towed.
        But let us pretend it is packed with art supplies for you and jack

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