Two for Tuesday – Two Health Books (warning – might make some people cringe)

Hi Blog readers – just wanted to share that author and doctor Mark Hyman was on CBS News:


As I share this video – all that I am asking is for you to stay open-minded. 

And again, if you are super healthy and what you are doing is working for you – then keep doing it. 

But if you want to rebuild your bioterrain and really want to feel “well” – (like get off the meds, stop wearing a wig to mask bad hair problems – and just wake up with energy and a sense of feeling satisfied – well did you ever think that maybe what you are doing is not right for your body?) 

I see people argue with opinion and with bias. They find research that supports (albeit weakly most of the time) their current view (called a confirmation bias). People tend to argue from what they were taught.  It is normal.  But we have to try to stay teachable. And the reporter here who seems to be sarcastic about the new info – and crankily complains about the “confusion”  – well she seems a bit closed-minded and “set” in her ways.

Yes – new info is confusing because we have been brain-washed.

People with “conflicts of interest” helped make these food guides and paid to propagate certain messages. 

Also, our human stubbornness can be a good thing  – because it helps us to not get tossed to and fro by every bit of doctrine. But truth has a way of resonating and in time – we see more and more. 

So remember – go slow and just chew on new ideas. Listen with a bit of openness and with the chance that maybe you have something to learn. 

This is from my sugar rant post (here):

Please stay open as you explore these topics – go slow – because it takes a while to fully see things – and as Emily Dickinson said:

“Truth must dazzle gradually. Or every man be blind”


Mark Hyman’s blog is HERE and his book – which I think has tenets I mostly agree with, is called FOOD:


And guess what is next on my reading list?

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz – my hubs just finished it and loved it:

Want to learn more from Nina? Check out this Ted Talk HERE – about the fact that we need plenty of fats – and how sadly – many scientists were silenced for decades. As the low-fat and higher sugar diets rose, so did cancer rates.  This author, Nina Teicholz, also has some great info about dangerous “industrial oils” – like canola, vegetable, etc. (these oils lead to strokes, gallstones, and liver damage) – that video is HERE.



Closing Comics:

Do you get the names of bands??







25 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday – Two Health Books (warning – might make some people cringe)

      1. So true about all the controversy and changes. I’ve finally decided to really study out the Word of Wisdom from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints given to Joseph Smith in 1833. Talk about ahead of its time. Science keeps proving the validity of it! Love the cartoon about the recipes. That is so me! 😀 Have a beautiful weekend, my friend! 😀

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    1. Hi Tish – thanks so much and whew, I do need to share that I sometimes hate going here – this topic can bring out some tense debate. Thankfully not so much at priorhouse blog (and I might need to change my tagline if I keep doing health posts)…
      🌝 🌈 ☁️

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      1. Keep up the good work, Yvette. We all need to remember that what we put in our mouths will directly affect our health – for good or ill. It’s all about taking responsibility. Often not easy, I know.

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        1. oh thanks so much for the encouragement.
          and while I agree that it is about responsibility – I think it is also about not being closed-minded because sometimes people think they are being responsible when they are believing stupid lies. They think they are responsible when they buy FDA approved products that have chemicals that are known to cause tumors in rats. They justify approaval.

          There are other examples –
          but I am thinking of that right now because a teen we know – her step-mom just got diagnoes with cancer in many of the intestines (and might die soon)
          and she was a gym rat and looked good on the outside for years
          but inside…
          well her proetin shakes had


          Acesulfame Potassium
          and those are known to be BAD news!

          Of course the process of cancer involves a myriad of things – from stress to lifetsyle and many argue there is always a FUNGAL infection connection to cancer.
          but it breaks my heart
          and this woman was diligent and responsible – but she
          believed the lies and ignored warnings about certain ingredients.

          sorry – had to share that
          and I really appreciate your comments on this post!

          and sometimes I think of your garden posts and always have a feeling of calm with it – funny how that happens.

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        2. You make some very serious points here, Yvette. You are right too – it’s more than taking responsibility. You do indeed need to find out what is in your food/drinks, and give the ‘healthy’ product tags some close scrutiny. It’s interesting too that you mention the fungal connection re cancer. I think there may be something in this. There’s that amazing Italian surgeon who thinks so – Simonecci or something like that. He has resolved breast cancer tumours by injecting them with bicarbonate of soda. Dr Mercola did an interview with him so there should be more about this in his web archive.

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        3. oh wow – I have heard about the injections and tumor thing – Dr. Sircus is a big proponent of sodium bicarbonate.
          and I do think it has a place.
          the tricky thing is that not all cancers are the same.
          this is why even in allopathic chemo they have different protocols – different poisons – lol – and if it works – hey – great – but usually after chemo nobody is told to fix their immune system and they are usualyl never told about fungal infections and watching their intake of food.
          and it angers me to blame cancer on genes – while some may have markers or a predisposition – if you blame the genes then the person takes out their responsibility and active things they can do.

          It is as if the allopathic community wants everyone dumbed down. and they do – this whole not thinking for yourself and ingraining in your head “ask your doctor, ask your doctor”
          work with your doctor and get one you can trust.

          and as for Dr Mercola – I like “much” of what he says – and recently someone sent me to his site for a magnesium post. and you know tish – I almost did not go cos I felt like I was “in the know” on magnesium, right? so I took my own advice and stayed open to check it out…
          seriously – humbled myself and also I wanted to follow up cos this lady really cared enough to send it to me. And I found cool info on Vitamin D3 and well – just goes to show….

          oh and last thought on the cancer topic (and thanks for the juicy comment)
          the Budwig protocol has also been shown to help some folks…

          but if I believe that anyone diagnosed with cancer -(and it is a process disease connected to a breakdown of the immune system) or if they want to “prevent” cancer –
          they should at least start thinking in terms of rebuilding the terrain – support the liver before they do anything else – maybe with thislyn – and enzymes… and then find a healing, “anti-fungal diet”
          I hope my friend’s step-mother can be helped – and I am praying for them all a lot
          did you know that in oncology – they use dyed-glucose to help find tumors with x-ray – cos the cancer gravitates to the sugars

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        4. That last about the dyed glucose – shockingly cynical it seems to me. Who gets told by their doctors to give up sugar COMPLETELY. In the UK most doctors seem to steer clear of nutrition fullstop. It is not part of the training.

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        5. yup – same here!
          and who determines what they are trained in?

          hate to say it – big pharma and other powers to be.
          and not keep going back and forth with long ocmments here – but seems to be a flowing –
          well my good friend Jody has a powerful story about how
          “grounding” saved her son.
          where having contact with the earth for so much time a day.
          He also took herbs and vitamins –
          but an important part pf the story is that she had in hospital and trusted the docs –
          horrible experience
          and after jacking him up in Miralax (a very bad thing docs push these days)
          he was so ill she was very scared.
          After seeing a naturopath – everything changed and he slowly healed.

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    1. Hi YC – well today’s oatmeal post (here) was with you in mind! I started writing you back about oatmeal here (and thanks for the comment by the way) but then it was getting long and I thought – “just make a post…”

      and also – did you mean you that you still like “sugar” but a little less?
      well if so – I think we all were made to like sweetness – even human breast milk is on the sweet side – but somehow our culture went overboard here. ya know?

      I remembered back to the Little House on the Prairie show (did you ever see it) when Momma Ingalls got a cup of sugar for the week.
      now – people accidentally eat that much in a day (seriously – and it is no wonder health issues are exploding in numbers)

      and then this blogger (here) noted this:

      “The Ingalls’ sat at the kitchen table about to eat some berries and Pa asked for sugar to which Ma told him that they were out, they were also out of coffee and tea and tabacco but instead of crying about it, they laughed, they sat at the table eating their berries with a smile on their faces and determined to not let it get to them.”

      and I guess a little is okay if one is in stellar health – but if wrestling with health issues – sugar is pulling from health –


      1. Thank you very much for the post about oatmeal. Now, I have a different view of it now or at least I know there is two sides of it.

        You are right. We are built to like sweetness. I would normally crave for it after dinner or mid-afternoon. Dark or semi-dark chocolate help taking care of the craving 🙂 At least I do not consume any thing a lot (except for morning oatmeal – one cup).

        Oh yes, I watched the Little House on the Prairie TV show. One of my favorite show too. However, I do not recall much of what I have seen now.

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        1. for some reason I recall very little from the Little House show too.
          but the scenes that do stick out for me personally are very custom – you know – just what stood out to me – like the sugar
          but I think everyone should watch a few episodes – it can really stir up appreciation (if nothing else)

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    1. so sorry – I will try and find a few tidbits to share in text – which I try to do for certain vids – just in case they do not load – anyhow,
      later this year I hope to review his book (if time permits – because some of these little goals add up – book reviews – interviews, posts, yadda – and I want to always keep it fun)
      but thanks for letting me know the video did not load

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    1. Hi Amy – thanks for taking the time to view and comment – and it still will always come down to what is right for our body – and heritage plays a huge part – I like how some folks posit that blood type makes a difference too.
      anyhow, I think staying away from chemicals – and sugar – should be at the top of the list for anyone healing….


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