A is for Apple (and air terrarium image)


Day 1 of the 26 of the April 2018 A to Z: Letter A

Georgie Moon suggested “A is for Apple” –  and so hey – why not?



Thoughts on Apples:

If you are trying to heal – maybe you should skip the apples and go for berries and cherries. Or skip all fruit for a while – especially if you are rebuilding your terrain (your body). You really need to consider “all the sugars” you take in.  Sugar arrests the immune system and works certain organs extra hard. And if you have infections, sugar can feed it….



A while ago we used to have this “Did you know?” chart.  One of the items was this: “Did you know that apples wake you up faster than coffee?”

The reason apples wake you up faster than coffee is because of the sugar rush from the apple. Now fruit sugar is truly better than processed syrups, but all sugar can pull from health. There is a myth in our culture that we need sugar for fuel; instead, what we need is nutrients for fuel – good fats, minerals, and vitamins – and while in a balanced world we would have eatne fruits in season – at times of the year when we needed the extra boost – the way we have access to all foods all the time – is putting a lot of strain on body function. 

Too much fruit sugar is not a  good thing if you are healing.

Let me repeat, if you are healing from illness or struggling with a confusing ailment – you have to get sugar (yes – even fruit sugar) out of your diet.

Too much of any sugar – (combined with other daily habits) starts to wreak havoc on your adrenals, pancreas, and liver. 


 For today’s apple post, I  just want to share that if you are healing – or wrestling with any immune system issue – you might NOT want to have an apple a day! 

And if you “do” feel you need to eat an apple – maybe enjoy a Granny Smith (and maybe just a slice or two).

Mark Sisson (here) said this:

“While antioxidants aren’t exactly overflowing from your average Granny Smith, apples (and pears) are still a great way to satisfy a craving for sweetness without terrorizing your pancreas.”  Skip the basic apple and go for berries and cherries and lots of veggies. 


“Some fruits will offer you more nutritional bang for your buck. A great resource for checking the antioxidant power of different fruits (and veggies, herbs, etc.) is the ORAC report (PDF), ORAC standing for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Think about how the “glycemic index and glycemic load fit into the picture” (more here).

And Zahra Barnes (here) noted:

“The lesser-known fact is that fructose, or fruit sugars, can also play a role in disease. Your liver turns any excess sugar intake into triglycerides that get stored in fat cells throughout the body,”

“The more sugar you eat, the more fat you store.”

“Specifically, too much sugar, even from the fructose found in fruits, can lead to a buildup of that visceral belly fat that has been linked to type 2 diabetes…”


Oh and in the above apple photo – look to the left and you can see there are two little air plant terrariums. I found some on sale and grabbed them for two easter goody bags….

Have you ever had any of these? 

Here is an inside look:











44 thoughts on “A is for Apple (and air terrarium image)

  1. Interesting stuff! I don’t eat apples anymore. Too much noise and they make my teeth super sensitive (probably the sugar). Not to mention those oeople who eat apples in public….who automatically become my enemies.

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    1. Wow – u do not like the crunch?
      And maybe the apple a day cliche does not apply because everything is so sugared-up and processed now and our organs/system is on overload (I am still learning here – so really not sure)

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  2. Oh, another contradiction of health information. I like apples (depending on the kinds too) although I do not have once a day as doctors recommend. I think doctors miss inform us a bit about when you are healing … 🙂

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    1. Well maybe the apple a day still applies to those with stellar health – and what I mean by that is someone without leaky gut – without stressed insulin demands and stuff like that.
      I also wonder if the apples 120 years ago were different like the flour supposedly was (less refined and did not turn to glue as much in gut)-
      And wonder if the sugar content has hybrids making them sweeter as the sweet theshold increases each decade (for the general population).
      Anyhow –
      Apples have pectin, fiber, vitamin C and other explosive phytonutrients – cos it is a living food! However – a healing body might not benefit from the high sugar.
      There are better and more helpful food options.
      Thanks for the feedback

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      1. Hmm, that is an interesting point about whether apples 120 years ago were different. I think they are and I suspect we also are different than those at 120 years ago too.

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  3. Great photo and info, Y! I love Granny Smith apples but I salt them to tone down the tartness! I know, that’s a whole ‘nother post! LOL! Does it help that I use Pink Himalayan?! 😆 Love your info. Hubby and I are once more (perhaps the 100th time) trying to do better! Love and hugs!

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    1. Hi – The salted apple sounds delish. I am not sure about all salts – but heard to just stay away from refined crap and to get a good sea salt of Himalayan sounds wonderful – I did get some expensive sea salt once that was yucky – had little bugs in it and well – it was $ and I did not know salt could go bad? Was weird – but marks daily apple has a nice hydrating drink that has salt – dash of lemon and dash of real maple syrup -and I guess the combo helps cells “recieve” and absorb ….
      All that to say I think we need a lot of good salts in our diet – ya know?

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  4. love those air terrariums- bought one as a gift for a friend last year 🙂 I eat an apple everyday, Honeycrisp or Jazz, but NEVER bite into it, I cut it into pieces. Great for a snack. Berries and pears everyday too. 🙂 No bananas… way too much sugar

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    1. Oh right on and cutting the apple really does help! And i only recently realized how sugar laden bananas were – i thought they were the perfect food – potassium sticks baby


  5. My youngest is obsessed with air plants. We joke about her air forest 🙂
    About the fruit, mmm, fruit. Fruit is my favorite. Cherries are tops, then watermelon, figs, cantaloupe, grapefruit, raspberries, Cara Cara oranges, Bartlett pears — but I love them all. I eat bananas pretty much every day. I don’t eat many apples, my kids do, but most of my apple consumption comes in the form of baked and sauce. (We have trees.) I read once that orange juice is also better than coffee at waking us up, but I don’t remember why. Orange juice is really the only one I drink. Maybe some grapefruit juice on vacation or some cranberry monthly, but juice seems so sweet. (I say that as a person who loves sweet drinks, juice is too sweet, lol!) I drink the remains of the water next to my bed first, but then, usually coffee, rarely tea or juice. Depends on the order of the day.

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    1. Thanks for sharing ! And apple trees are so fun….
      And I actually think of one of your posts when I see some ” McDont’s” iced tea sign –
      U said “sweet tay” or something like that! Lol
      And let me know if y’all have any tips on watering the air plant!? I think it said something about water and then let it dry before putting it back??

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      1. I don’t think she waters them at all.

        I do love fountain sodas and swate tay. Oh yes ma’am. But not every day 😉


        1. yes, that was it – swate tea…
          (and thx for the tip on watering – I gave two away and told them to look it up – thought I read somewhere that they were misted once a month – guess not0


        2. Maybe it depends on how dry your house is? We live on a wooded lot with a crawlspace here in the midwest. It’s fairly humid, as it would be in Virginia. So unless your house runs on the dry side/ you have a dehumidifier…

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        3. Seriously, Moo totally ignores hers. I asked about it a bit ago and she says she’s never watered them. She started collecting them over a year ago.

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    1. Hi – well I am learning here to my sweet sweet friend.
      and sorry with my long answers to your vitamin D comment.


      and with apples – here is how I heard someone word it.
      “If you want to gain weight – -keeping eating a lot of high sugar fruits”
      “If you have any health issues, get off the modern hybrid apples – loaded with sugar – and eat berries and cherries – and go towards veggies and good fats/oil/ and small amounts of good protein.”
      “Not all apples are created equal. Our hybrids today might be catering to the high-sweet taste threshold people have. Granny smiths are a good option for the tart and sweet with lower “ose” ”

      it really comes down to not terrorizing our pancreas with too much sugar –

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