C is for Confuzzling (and Candidiasis)

April A to Z: Letter C

Have you heard of the word Confuzzle?

 I guess it refers to being perplexed – it is a combination of being confused and puzzled.

Let’s look at some Car photos – some with that confuzzling vibe – especially this first Baja Car:

Confuzzling Baja Car front
Confuzzling Baja Car back

And how about this one:

Check out more cars (and trucks) in this slide show:

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Part 2: Candidiasis

To keep with the theme of health for my A to Z – 

Let’s check out the topic of Candidiasis, which is a systemic fungal infection that can be quite Confuzzling…. 

Some folks argue that candidiasis infections exist in 7 out of 10 people (in places like the US, England, Aus, etc.) 


Candida exist naturally in the body in the round, yeast form, which helps the body break down when we die.  However, when the body has antibiotics (which wipes out the good flora) and then when we eat typical S.A.D. foods (processed foods with lots of carbs and hidden sugars) and maybe have other things going on (like heavy metals or chemicals) – the fungal form of candida develops (infection happens)- and candidiasis involves  hyphae that grow and attach to the intestinal wall – which can lead to leaky gut, mycotoxins, malabsorption, etc.




RESOURCES to Clear up Candidiasis Confuzzling


Diana, from My RA Diary (here) inspired me years ago because she was getting to “root” causes when she worked at healing her Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). 

If you want to read more,  check out this post (here) with her CANDIDA TREATMENT PROTOCOL: A 4-PRONGED ATTACK PLAN.

She also has another post (here: Rheumatoid Arthritis – The Making of Candida? where she writes: “I have read somewhere that as many as 50% of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) sufferers, by virtue of their overload and weakened immunological system, also suffer from Candida (otherwise known as Candidiasis) or opportunistic organisms that are similar to Candida. However, the very presence of Candida can be compromised by a state of immunodeficiency induced by diabetes, taking birth control pills, using antibiotics, pregnancy, excessive intake of sugar, chemotherapy, which disrupt the balance of the bacteria and permits the Candida cells to grow rapidly and overwhelms the good bacteria. They are capable of invading, distorting the protective intestinal mucosa, causing disruption to its absorptive capacity, thus allowing antigens (protein molecules), toxins or cellular by-products to enter into the blood stream and diffuse throughout the body, leading to what we call the leaky gut syndrome. Chronic and often undetected, candida infections are regularly associated with symptoms linked to every system of the body.” and:Finally, it is best to avoid antibiotics in any form as well as hormones, steroids and foods that we are now allergic/intolerant to. I cannot recommend enough reading up more on Candida-related information and find that Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More (TM) system and Dr Cook’s The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health particularly authoritative and useful. With the highly restrictive nature of anti-Candida diet, I have issues with diversifying my diet and what I can prepare for my meals. This book, The Yeast Connection Cookbook will be ideal for individuals, especially those of us on RA who are avoiding and rotating food due to food allergies and intolerance.”


Video by Dr. Axe.

I love his points, especially as he notes that we need to support the spleen, the liver, and small intestine – but again -please remember that the goal with bodily healing is to rebuild the immune system.


I hope to write more about candidiasis later, but in the meantime, let’s close this post out with a few questions.

Do you like the word confuzzle? 

Do you think it is a legitimate word?

What about chillax? To chill and relax….

Did you like the Baja Car?






43 thoughts on “C is for Confuzzling (and Candidiasis)

  1. Confuzzle is a legit word, if only because I like it . . so there’s that.

    I don’t quite understand the Baja Car, which is probably the point I know. And I would be hesitant to take a ride in it, since that’s a rule of mine. Never ride inside an alien vessel.

    And absolutely . . Imma chillax right now.


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    1. Yes – well said and the system sometimes leads to this “darkness”
      ☹️ maybe they mean well and want to protect folks by teaching them to not realize they are their own best doctor – ( ) but sometimes things go awry and greed creeps in.
      But middle schoolers are learning periodic table of elements but are not learning basic principles of digestion!

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  2. I’m afraid I don’t like any of those cars! They’ve spoiled them.
    My husband has Rheumatoid arthritis, has done for many years, he takes shed loads of medication. I’ll show him this article later…..

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    1. Oh hi Georgie! And I agree on the cars! Totally – and everyone is so different with ailments (as I am sure you know) and so I think what I have learned is to stay open and try stuff – if possible – and do no harm- 😉

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      1. No!!! It’s fast becoming one of the most popular car brands in the UK. They are from the Czech Republic and the parent company is VW. Mind you, it would be fun to to chillax on a scooter!

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        1. Well go VW! I heard that last year (or wait – maybe 2016) well I heard that VW outsold Volvo in Sweden for the first time. I am not a VW person – but hear they are good and now I am looking up this new type


  3. Love the word confuzzle! Pretty much sums up most of my days! HA! I know you’ve told me all of this before but I have a hard head, so please keep hitting me over the head with this stuff! LOL! I’m going to go chillax now. Hugs! 😀 ❤


  4. Confuzzle is a good word, but your slide show had unintended consequences. There used to be a Hot Dog vendor outside of the local Home Depots named “Lucky Dog” – I saw that truck, and now I want a hot dog. That’s not what I brought for lunch 😉

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    1. Hahah – that is fun! Cool how memories come back – and speaking of Home Depot – a relative was here over easter (house full of then) and one of them was telling me a story about an appliance and said something about it being from Lowe’s and then told me “lowe’s is like Home Depot”
      And then went on talking
      It was so funny how they just assumed I did not know what Lowe’s was? Really?

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        1. That was the exact phrase I said at one point – but I had some grace for this person because they do not travel a lot and maybe they did not realize it was a big ol chain! And you know dan – some people know Lowe’s more than what Home Depot is.
          And I think Home Depot did a great job and rebuilding and enhancing things over the last eight years – ya know ?

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    1. Hi Patricia – yeah sidetracked modes come up and also I know for me it sometimes took periods of time for me to even grasp the concepts of a condition or infetction. My friend dawn in the 90s used to talk about cloves and herbs for this and that and it was like – huh?


  5. My head spun when I read “confuzzle”. Its definition clears thing up a bit. I think it is a good word for such thing. I hope I do not run into thing that is confuzzle 🙂

    That is a great vide about Candida and how to help getting rid of them. Thank you!

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    1. Well thank you for checking out the post and I know slang and new words are not for everyone – but they make life fun sometimes –

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  6. The words I could write on candida. I will not. LOL Let’s just say I fall into the prone group. Yes, probiotic, yes, bitter foods and herbs, big fat yes to kefir, real yogurt, and apple cider vinegar. Yes, yes, yes! I avoid antibiotics like whoa. Even more than steroids. When I need either one, I cry and ask if it’s really necessary. It isn’t always. RA + a couple of sick years = hell to pay.
    Confuzzle is an excellent word.
    People and their cars can run odd. Sometimes I think, “You had $1500 to spend on something fun, and THAT’s what you chose?” But whatever makes them happy 🙂 Gives us blog fodder 🙂

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    1. Blog fodder indeed!!
      And that is such a good point about the -1500 dollar price range….
      And it does seem like they enjoy their rides or have personality –
      And now that I think of this – and replying to you – did I really pair up candida and cars? Lol 🚙 🚗 🎇

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