E is for Emotions (Ending April A to Z 4-5-2018)

Hello Everyone, 

For the letter E of the April A to Z – I am ending my participation in this challenge. There are a few reasons, but the bottom line is that I am just not “feeling it.” 

I look forward to following along with some of the bloggers I follow (see below), but this is my last entry for the A to Z. 



For the final A to Z post – the letter E is for Emotions.

 In this video, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson posited that “Emotions obey a tipping point…”



Here are a few notes from her video:

  • “Like ice melts in water – people who are languishing can move to flourishing…. it is about functioning at a different level – a ratio of 3 to 1 – 3 positive emotions to every 1 – most people have 2 to 1 (or worse…).
  • Don’t pressure yourself to be positive.
  • Develop a mindset for more positivity (not cheesy annoying smiles, but this quiet joy).
  • Be open, appreciative, curious, real, and let go of rigid expectations




Here is another interesting video about the way “THOUGHTS USE EMOTIONS TO SPREAD”

At the 5:47 – minute mark:

  • Thought germs come and go…
  • Thoughts use our emotions to spread…
  • Thoughts spread more with random changes – can be good…. or bad.





As noted, this is my final A to Z post. And here are some of the April A to Z Bloggers that are pumping out some fun posts:

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E is also for easy…. and let’s all do that – chillax and take it easy….






40 thoughts on “E is for Emotions (Ending April A to Z 4-5-2018)

  1. I was happy to see your participation, but appreciate your announcement of ending the challenge rather than disappearing. I thought of doing that but I wasn’t up to it and missed signing up. Nice post for E. Hope you’re doing well. ❤


  2. I get it, Yvette. Really. These blogging “series” have to create a spark or get dead boring. I’m feeling the same way about the Weekly Photo Challenge – sometimes the light goes on – sometimes not. e.g last week it didn’t but the Six Word Saturday did, for the first time. Enough. Best wishes in your new space, wherever it is, Ken


    1. Hi K – I will still be here (for now – because if people keep hacking in to Priorhouse blog I will have to do what Andy did and just start a new one… ugh)

      anyhow, your comment really was in sync with where I am – so thanks for that. I want to do fiction posts and the handful of other ones that i do – and the a to z was not fitting me – or my goal – and my overall goal is to share a big long amount about what I learned about health and healing. Just an educational piece that a few folks have been asking for. and so I realized a few days in that It needed to be in an e-book and not blog posts.
      Anyhow, cool that the six word saturday appealed to you – I follow some bloggers who do that one…
      and later I will share the photo I had for you, my blog friend. It has to do with gardening – 🙂

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  3. I rarely watch videos on here. Life’s too short. But I let these run while I was answering comments. Sometimes they state the obvious and irritate me. Another good reason for not watching. 🙂 🙂 Focus on what makes you happy, and fill your life with that, right? Wishing you well, Yvette.

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    1. Hi restless Jo – yes, I cannot watch all the videos either….
      but thanks so much for your nice feedback on these.
      The lady in the video is a bit of a mentor for me – and I hope to meet her some day in the next five years. I like her views and research.

      and wishing you well too and be by to see you soon.


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    1. When your comment arrived it was like a cold can pf Sprite after 20 crackers.
      Okay – exaggeration – but thanks for sharing that – 🙂
      and you see – the problem is that instead of the health topic I should have done a blogger a day –
      and D could have been for Dan (and Dahlia) and then all would have been more fun.

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  4. I love how you are flexible and go with the flow. I personally am very rigid and have fixated on preset goals but ever since I have started blogging I have learned to let go and be okay with it. The important thing is to have started it and who knows you may just re-enter at the end 😀 PS I hope your decision wasnt in anyway triggered by our conversation? Have a good day


    1. Hi Dawd – well flexibility with goals really depends on the nature of the goals, eh? And sometimes the bigger aim needs to be explored – and for me – I have been wanting to “share” about some health topics for a LONG TIME now. I was going to do an e-book – and not to teach or practice medicine – but to share what worked for me and my cleansing and rebuilding of my terrain. Anyhow, I admit that I was avoiding the e-book – because blah – book writing drains me – and so I guess I thought 26 posts on the topic of health would be enough to send people to – because in my life – the topic of health, healing, and rebuilding the terrain comes up almost weekly. And well – by the time the Letter D came up – I was already feeling that I needed to do the e-book and not a month of blog posts. God really showed me that…
      And while I really appreciated your discussion – you have such fervor and came back to really provide your stance with umph – that was admirable and cool. And it was after that when I realized for sure that this was not the correct venue (the a to z) for my “bigger aim” = which was to share about health and “my own” healing (I want to pay it forward from what I have gleaned online and in life over the years).

      Anyhow, I laughed a little at how I could “re-enter” – because while that was sweet – I guess we view my withdrawing in different lights. I pulled the plug because I was not enjoying this challenge.I wanted to ax it – not as a flop or fail – but as an active decision to not associate myself with it – and if it was something I deemed as part of my personal strength to finish – I could have done a picture a day – with a quote -or some rabbit trail. Content comes very easy for me well – I also view most goals with blogging as “dynamic goals” – which means they usually come with the intention to modify as needed.
      We both know that goals are different for different life areas – and because blogging is a hobby and a creative outlet – the day that comes when i feel too rigid about my MO is the day I sign off for good. Life is too short for that. ya know?

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      1. Hey Y good to hear from you and really appreciate how clear you are in your thinking 🙂 And like they say once you are facing the right direction it is easy to reach your goal – all the best for your e-book venture! I also appreciate you sharing your process and giving me more reason to be flexible in my approach to life as well – cheers to you my friend. Have a super weekend.


        1. Thanks for the reply 🙂
          – and maybe another time we can bring closure to the topic of that vitamin.
          I also had an insight about what it felt like on my end.
          Here is an analogy that came to me:

          I felt as if I was just suggesting folks consider doing some light jogging – or doing some
          sprinting (running over a short distance in a limited period of time) for health and lymph flow. And your comments came in were talking about what can happen if someone runs a marathon – or it was solely focused on the “physical stresses of long-distance running” –
          And you were raising some interesting points and wow to some of those outcomes from too much D – (although I wonder if some of the cases were with D2 and not D3 or if the association of D was not the real factor – cos it is very difficult to show causation…)

          but my point was to consider adding a little bit (D3) in the winter because I know for me my body absolutely loved it –
          and high doses of anything could be dangerous (even life-giving sea salt can be dangerous in high amounts)

          So getting back to my analogy – I felt like I was just trying to say “maybe jog a bit” and even run a short block (or jump in the mini trampoline – hah) – and then felt as if your comments were coming back with warnings on dangers of running a lot- like how
          running a marathon can temporarily hurt the body, might lead to less blood flow in kidneys, possibly lead to too high body temperature and even dehydration
          when I was just saying run a little – and just in winter –

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  5. I don’t blame you for stopping! I never started cause I know me and knew I couldn’t do a daily post! Time to chillax and enjoy the coming springtime! 😀


    1. Hi L – well I could easily do a daily post – well maybe not that easily after a while- but it was more the topic I chose and I am coming off of a bust Feb and march of blogging – so I think it would have been better to do a challenge maybe after I got back from a break. But there was something else I cannot put my finger on…

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  6. This was very useful to me today! I needed to hear some of those messages! I tend to let my emotions take over too much to be helpful. I love the hope versus fear video. Full of positivity. The second is quite useful also to remember before you hit the share button. Social media has a dark side…..


  7. Yes, you cannot force yourself to be positive. You has to develop those things to get the result of being positive.

    Hmm, I am not sure thoughts use emotions to spread. I think emotions use thought to spread.

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    1. well sometimes I feel like all things are interconnected – ya know???
      Like check out the facial hypothesis feedback to see another connection.

      Laird (1974) developed the self-perception view of emotional experience and tested the role facial facial expressions can have an effect on emotional experience.

      “The facial feedback hypothesis states that facial movement can influence emotional experience. For example, an individual who is forced to smile during a social event will actually come to find the event more of an enjoyable experience.”

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  8. “Don’t pressure yourself to be positive” – true that, amigo. Then, “Be open, appreciative, curious, real, and let go of rigid expectations” – words with value. Take it easy, indeed.


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