17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday II (Ladders and Lines)

    1. Hi – yes – I got it via email from Linda – along with a few other fun dog images (like good cop bad cop one – did you get that?)

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    1. Hi there T – thanks for your nice comment and sorry for my delay – had a bit of a blog pause and I read your comment a while ago and really smiled – so again, many thanks….
      peace to you…


  1. So much fun Yvette. Of course there is the branch and assistant branch managers, but even the fact you captured those other 2 pictures is tremendous. So appropriate, and what perfect photos! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Sreejith – and I took three pictures of the guys with the ladders. I thought the one I would like was going to be the one I grabbed from the other side (as I approached them) but this photo was after I passed them and it just stood out….
      so thx for the nice comment

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