13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday I (Richmond VA had their “wettest week in 63 years”

    1. thanks Dan – all is well – and the only hard part for us had to do with a few slow drives to and fro.
      But some streets have buckled and we have friends who have to drive “around” to get home and it is annoying them

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  1. You, too? It’s been nonstop here for over a week. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen this much constant rain. I’m going nuts. If I had wanted this much rain, I would have moved to Washington or Oregon! 😛


    1. I hear you loud and clear.
      When we first moved here to Virginia it rained all the time and so we thought it was more of a rainy place. Then we realized it was not that rainy – and while I am glad – sometimes a long rainy season has perks – or can – oh I dunno – but it has been weeks now and getting antsy for much need sunshine.

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    1. I see that now too – and Joanne, I actually was surprised to see someone out walking in this torrent – and this is from the dash cam – but it was coming down in buckets and feel bad that person had to walk in it

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    1. Hi – yes – and our local River was super high twice this month and might have bacteria issues this week (something like that in the news) and a few streets have buckled and some trees came down – but overall – most are fine – just a lot of rain

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