Oojamaflip – a British slang word of unknown origin, meaning a thing whose name is temporarily forgotten.

Here is my photo take on this word for Deb’s One Word Sunday Photo Challenge:



Do you want to join in Travel with Intent’s Sunday One-Word Photo Challenge with your own interpretation of oojamaflip? 

If so – GO HERE where you can also see more photo takes on this slang word. 

And for those who will be missing the Daily Post prompts, you might want to check out Deb’s challenge ( because next week’s theme is music.
Upcoming themes are here and previous weeks are here.



I was going to just make a separate post for Sunday Trees 342 (here) but today’s entry, which is an old rotted out stump, had a cave and castle feel (inmy mind that is…)  and itsorta reminded of the word oojamaflip. Can you see it a little bit? And isn’t the word oojamaflip a fun word?

When I used to teach science (many moons ago) on some nature hikes we would talk about how the FBI are at work: The Fungi, Bacteria, and Insects that is…. 











28 thoughts on “Oojamaflip

  1. Great oojamaflips, Yvette.
    A friend had used the word a few weeks ago and I couldn’t resist using it for the challenge. But I have to say that I prefer it for verbal use rather than written – I have to concentrate when putting all those letters together!


    1. yes – it is a weird word to rite and how fun that this came up in real life.
      Back in the 1980s there was candy bar called a Whatchamacallit – based on our word for oojamaflip or things you forget the name of…. have you heard of it?


  2. (EN) Oojamaflip sounds like something for kids,funny.Thanks for sharing Y.
    (IT) Oojamaflip suona come qualcosa per bambini,divertente.Grazie per la condivisione Y


    1. hello hello hello
      sending a huge high five and smile to you my friend
      (was thinking of you recently so thanks for dropping by)
      and it does sound like a children’s word – and I wonder what it sounds like in Italian translation


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