All-Time Favorite Weekly Photo Challenge

This week – the VERY LAST weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post is All-time favorites – HERE.

I think this was such a good idea to end with bloggers sharing some favorites – (like Chris’s here) because we can reflect this week, but also in months to come we can explore the hundreds of posts that circulate. And a shout out to Miriam because her sunset post inspired me to do this final challenge.


A brief history of Priorhouse and the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. Priorhouse started the weekly photo challenge in 2014. I found 63 entries for this challenge in the Priorhouse archives. There was an entire year I did not post on this blog (tried a new idea) and so out of the posts here, I looked at about 30 of the 63 and found 5. 



REFLECTIONS (here) is an all-time fav post for the DP weekly photo challenge because this was a point in my blogging where I found my groove.  I shared some amateur photos that I took, connected it to some art (view of Toledo), a bit of history and some current events for Toledo, Ohio.  


MINIMALIST(here) is a fav because as 2014 was winding down, I had made some special connections through WordPress.

The prompt here was “minimalist” and at the time I was enjoying raw nuts, which was a very minimal snack.  I had a little fun with calling some of my blog friends “nuts on a plate” – and then of course added in a picture of some Rocky Mountain Oysters. Ah, good times, good times. 🙂 



EDGE (here) is an all-time fav (from 2016). I was visiting my mother while she was visiting long-time family friends in South Carolina. That word prompt inspired me to grab some photos at a SC park and the post carries the essence of this last-minute trip.  It also was the first time I posted to my blog directly from a phone.


CONTRAST (here) is a fav because of the fun sharing with blogger friends. I was still new to the blogosphere and this prompt allowed me to  connect with another challenge, which then led to sharing the “cowbell” SNL snippet (below) – just a little chain reaction that leaves ya satisfied. (Because blogging can do that….)


The SHADOWS (2017) post (here) is a my NUMBER ONE all-time fav because of the personal memories with it. 

I started writing about it, but it is too long to share now. Perhaps another time.

Yet I can reflect on part of the post – it was the note that I added at the end. 

It was in regards to an accidental mystery photo my phone took. It is the orange-red background in the collage above. 

That mystery photo spoke to me – it summed up so much for that funeral trip to Buffalo. The whole trip had a shadowy feel, that also felt like steel, and the accidental image had a shadowy-steel-like feel.  Can you see it? It has a metal vibe.  And Buffalo was known for their steel mills.

The mystery photo also had the warm hue of heat and energy, which was felt by us all after days of hustling through funeral things.

The image had the color of chicken wings (sauced up that is), the warm color of love, and the color of being mad (angry) over the loss of a loved one. 

The mystery image also had a section that felt like hope, light, and faith – the white light to the top was dreamy or cloud-like and felt like “with my eyes fixed on the goal I push on to secure the prize of God’s heavenward call in Christ.” To me it felt that way. 

I ended that post with the note about “coming together and staying strong….” 

I like the sound of that, don’t you?  So as bloggers, let’s keep coming together, staying strong.”












17 thoughts on “All-Time Favorite Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Wow! I loved reading your post. I must admit I hadn’t seen most of your earlier photos. I love the little stories that go with them. Yes, we’ll miss the weekly Photo challenge but I’m sure there will be new ones to join in….. keep up the good work!

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    1. Many Thanks, Tish
      and it was last minute – I actually had something I was going to do and stopped that and decided to join in – and so glad I did – 🙂

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  2. What a fabulous post and, oh, the memories! How thankful I am for our friendship created through blogging! You are such a generous and caring person! Love and hugs! 😀 ❤


    1. Oh thanks for reading Linda and ditto – very grateful for our connection and still sad we could not meet up in Winter Park, Fla. a couple years ago, but we tried and we were oh so close to meeting – maybe some day


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