Two for Tuesday (JUMBO SCARVES and trees)

For a Two for Tuesday Post,

had to share these celeb’s in their JUMBO scarves.

The image to the far right was digitized by someone to make JG’s scarf look even bigger –

but these are pretty big scarves.

Not sure I would be able to wear one…


and in this next image,

Here we have two trees?ย  two types of fences? two windows?

Happy Tuesday






22 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday (JUMBO SCARVES and trees)

    1. ha – your comment reminded me of a time when Son2 was little and would walk around the house with his blanket- not that little – like 7 or 8 – and on a Saturday it was always with him.
      I would not want this heavy load either – and the scarves around the neck that some women wear – whew – would feel encumbering to me – but I like how it looks on them

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