Kate Spade Yellow (Friday Fictioneers) Remembering Kate Spade

Hello, today’s Friday Fictioneers is in memory of Kate Spade.

Here is the photo prompt:

Here is the fiction:

Kate Spade Yellow (word count – 99 words)

From home projects of sweeping drapery and graduating landscapes – 

to now installing floral arrangements at my favorite museum –

life felt good.

Four vases and two centerpieces.

With a slight pounding in my heart, I measured and walked the space.

KATE SPADE YELLOW was the obvious choice.

Summer was here and pale yellow would honor this designer.

Soft wisps of yellow could whisper of her wonder.

Cheery, but not too upbeat.

The six floral arrangements were subtle to museum guests,

but I knew they were “Kate Spade yellow”




I smell their aroma…

I think of her lasting legacy.



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As many readers know, Kate Spade died yesterday and it impacted my Friday Fiction piece today. 

Quick story. 

I am not huge into the fashion and accessory world, but I can appreciate style and so always working within my budget – and tuning into my own changing life phases – I find some goodies that splash my life with a bit of zest. I have had two Kate Spade purses in my days, one was a gift (thanks, N) and the other was a cheap knock-off. The knock-off purse was a small black clutch and it was many years ago that it sat in my closet- long before Kate Spade was widely known and before she had scrap books and misc. items everywhere with her name.

I liked that little purse for occasional use – but it was really the label that I liked the most. It was small little rectangular rainbow label with her name spelled simply (trademark lettering). That little purse was a go to small clutch for occasions needing a little purse to hold a few items. The other Kate Spade purse, the gifted one, was pale yellow and simple. (I got it at the same time as a small Brighton clutch in bronze that might have been my favorite purse ever.)  

That is really my only connection to Kate Spade items.  When Friday Fictioneers photo prompt came up this morning (credit to Roger Bultot) I looked at the floral arrangements in the photo and I noticed how subtle yellow they were – and the rest unfolded from there.

Oh and last weekend I watched Mr. Monk Goes to the Office (S4E4) and maybe the designer character (played by Meredith Scott Lynn) was still on my mind this morning (I am also changing curtains in a room – and so themes seem to come full circle). 

It made my heart sick to think that Kate Spade’s death involved a red scarf – ugh – and so all the more my intention was to use pale yellow to remember her:  



Cheery, but not too upbeat.  

Somber and sad, the sweet, soft wisps of yellow

 let the beauty of flowers whisper of her wonder

with honor we remember Kate’s

lasting legacy.

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67 thoughts on “Kate Spade Yellow (Friday Fictioneers) Remembering Kate Spade

  1. I think it takes tragedies such as this one for people to truly understand the struggle so many people have every single day. Because someone with zero knowledge of this talented and accomplished woman will look at it and say something like “Well, she had it all, why would she do this?”. People who look at it this simply do not realize the answer is in their question.


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    1. oh yes, this is why I always remind students that contentment and joy are much different from worldly success and material stuff. Recently had someone share a quote from Steve Jobs about how n- while in his final days of life down here – he said he had no joy. he acclimated to his wealth to where it became secondary – something like that – and well, joy and contentment are priceless and not to preach here – never want to offend and like to be mindful of folks and their views – but for me – the faith I have really is a source of contentment and hope.
      anyhow, my heart goes out to the daughter and those left behind who are deeply impacted by this tragic tragic loss.

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      1. Faith is such a precious commodity to possess, I agree. There have been instances in my life where my faith has provided me with a peace of mind that pulled me through.


    1. Hi Alice, well I give myself a 4 or 5 out of 10 – so I don’t feel too in the know as well . And not bothered by it either – ha


    1. well Priedel (his link is in this post at the end)he said the sister was not surprised so it might have been ongoing woe – but I agree – wonder what made her feel that desperate (some say it was because the spouse was leaving – hmmm)


  2. Oh, Yvette, I didn’t know Kate Spade died. I’m not into fashion, maybe that’s why I didn’t notice. I gather from the comments that she took her own life. It’s so sad. Thank you for the sentiment for your post.


  3. A few days ago someone was telling me about a common acquaintance who was diagnosed with depression. Sadly, what they were underlining was that “she has it all” and she was always such a joyful, happy, optimistic lady, so what did she have to be depressed about?… I attempted an explanation, but I think it was ignored. The following day I heard about Kate Spade… Wealth and success don’t make anybody immune, and appearances often hide deep issues and tremendous pain. A fellow blogger was saying she was going to wear her Kate Spade bag this weekend hoping that these beloved items might now also serve to raise awareness… That’s probably the only positive thing that can come out of this.
    On a lighter note, I think the fake designer bag is almost a right of passage for so many girls. I had one as well (won’t name names 😉 ) and I remember it was really worn out when I finally threw it away.
    A very nice tribute, Yvette!


    1. I am so glad you noted the knock-offs can be worn down – they remind me of “single use” cameras or cheap cars that are good only the first year you drive them – like the Yugo used to be.,…
      and I think I bought that little Kate Spade purse in NYC – from a vendor – but it was because I liked the look of the little clutch and rainbow label and only later did I learn who Kate Spade was. I have never been one to flaunt labels and sometimes avoid a purchase to withdraw from that type of showing off- because for some it is. Just fashion head games trying to be something???? and what makes me sad is to sometimes see someone middle class – drop thousands on a name brand purse – another one – and I am like, “Why?” Why? But I do like a well-made purse and recently got another mega sale on a Brighton- the quality was felt but don’t use it because it was a little too big.

      and thanks for the story about the convo and the “having it alL’
      and you know Anna, this brings me back to thinking of the body chemistry and nutrient deficiencies that are associated with depression. I wonder what was up with her because I think in some photos I have recently seen she looks out of balance internally.
      Further, Dr. Sircus recently wrote about how everyone keeps it HUSHED up that many gun killers and people who commit sucicide were on prescription drugs – and could these behaviors be connected to the drugs that too many people have come to depend on???
      I wonder how many prescription drugs she took – just curious.

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      1. I bought mine from Italy. I know, blasphemy, right? 🙂 It was my first trip there and I could hardly afford anything, I was 18. But I couldn’t care less, I was so fascinated with that new experience and the beautiful places. It was, however, the only fake I ever bought. I tend to choose quality these days, even if it doesn’t always come under a flashy designer name. I’ve seen some really good knock-offs on occasion, but I keep thinking, even if nobody noticed, I would still know… I won’t deny, I have sometimes spent more on bags/shoes than I should have (who hasn’t?) but I tend to think that if it costs more than my car, it’s probably not for me 😉
        As for prescription drugs… I am conflicted about that topic. All I can say for now is that from what I’ve seen up close, finding the appropriate treatment and the right dosage is crucial, and that takes a lot of effort both on the doctor’s and the patient’s side. Not an easy situation…

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      2. yes, the prescriotion drug topic is touchy and sensitive – or as you say, “not easy”
        but I do have strong opinions on it – and think too often (in the States) drugs are the first offering for mood issues – when nutrition (absorption issues and needing Vitamin D, thyroid & Liver support, cleaning the intestines, and starting with root biological issues) and looking at lack of movement (many have little to no exercise and I am not a big cardio advocate – just move for bone support – move for health – people do not MOVE enough in our white collar culture – and they pay everyone to do small work tasks when they are missing out on the physical benefits) – and then sleep! What is worse is that usually prescriptions need other meds to counter some of the very bad side effects and so to me – it SHOULD NOT be the first option and too often it is.
        Someone recently told me that drug companies now sponsor almost 80% of the commercial advertising here in the Unite States – and people go to the doctor brainwashed that a certain drug is their answer or solution.
        They insist on it – and it is not always the doctor pushing the meds (but doctors are drug dispensers here and hardly ever do people leave the mainstream allopathic doctor without a script) – anyhow, it is a CULTURE thing of looking to drugs first – it has been being ingrained in the minds of the people for decades and it is very wrong. I highly suggest other options be explored first, especially what is going on in the intestines (the second brain) and where the immune system is dispersed.

        and as I write this, I just got news of Anthony Bourdains’ suicide and this party animal dude (he used to drink so many alcoholic shots during his show that I did not let my children watch his show when they were little – he was modeling a partying lifestyle – even though his travel food show was amazing and worth the awards -he was modeling something inhealthy – in my very humble opinion) – and so with this man – I wonder again—
        what drugs had he been prescribed.
        people people people –
        health and wellness is related to a health terrain – health body terrain –
        and when the docs give drugs – the prescription is a “subscription” and it comes with dependency, side effects, and not getting to root causes.
        and more on the purse in a minute – but laughing at how you found it in Italy.
        I love talking fashion with you and have a story to share from a recent event

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      3. I won’t get into detail now, but witnessing the impact the right medication and the that of the wrong medication on the same person (somebody close), as well as addiction issues and other side effects made me think about this matter a lot (and sometimes perhaps overthink certain aspects). All I will say is that no drug can help much if therapy and counselling are rejected. There is no pill that can make the real issue go away. Long, unpleasant story…
        Anyway, looking forward to your fashion update 😉


      4. thanks and I look forward to hearing the longer story sometime. It is so sad because here in the states – opioids are sometimes prescribed for wisdom teeth removal – really? way overkill.
        and I think many people have stories to share and I did not catch many of the Anthony Bourdain shows (CNN aired his show all last weekend to honor him – and another sad loss) – anyhow, the one piece of his show I happened to catch was when he did about the opioid crisis. He interviewed a few folks and the lady Dr. he interviewed – an MD who said she now spends a third of her General Practice on addiction – she said in every case (with her patients) it was doctor prescription pills that started the later street use – she said it was always pills as the gateway.

        anyhow, very sad and thanks for “going there” with me Ana as we lightly touched on the topic

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      5. Wow… for wisdom teeth removal… overkill indeed. I heard about Anthony Bourdain and was saddened, as so many were, I’m sure. But I didnt catch much on the topic this weekend, I spent a lot of time outside (even left my phone home for a few hours).
        Anyway, I agree, I think drug addiction is a growing issue in most places, and that is a terrible situation.
        And no worries about “going there”, it’s an ongoing situation for so long, that I learnt to manage it and I no longer mind discussing it. Well, I might think twice before posting it online, privacy and all 😉 But the fact remains, even if it’s someone close, it’s not entirely my story to tell, espicially considering their point of view differes greatly from mine.

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      6. Yes – the point of view does change and that is good to keep in mind –
        And had another friend share that she was offered pain meds (she was doing Physical Therapy after an accident) and she said no way.
        Another thing abused here in the United States is overuse of making people get X rays – in my opinion they are done too routinely – even for a cold at some places – there is an urgent care place called ” patient first ” and we heard from many folks that they assign x rays like
        A waiter sells addons at an eatery

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      7. How nice of them…
        I was mainly thinking of medication for mental health issues initially, but yes, it’s such a complex topic… While I have great respect for doctors in general, there are certain bad apples, just like in any other profession. And no comment about the system (for now), or I’ll be here all day 😉 .


      8. ye s- we could be here all day – and over here in the States- the medical system is out of hand and someone said it will be bankrupt by 2040.
        It is a huge cash cow for select entities and while it is good to look at exports/imports and manufacturing (please keep monitoring that) but it seems that over here the medical community has unchecked prices and sketchy upsells (like really – do folks need an x-ray every time they go to urgent care? – again – as you note – COMPLEX – but amiss

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      9. Amiss, well said. Things are getting out of hand everywhere, I think. Our system is good on paper – “free” healthcare for everyone… Yeah, right… It’s anything but free, access is limited by location and financial issues, and let’s not even get into how outdated and often insufficient everything is. Then there’s the private system as well, yet another story… Just thinking about it is enough to get a person angry.


      10. oh you said that right – might look good for one way – and on a positive note – a good friend of mine just went to a naturopathic doctor and has gotten some good advice.
        In my very humble opinion, if anyone is ill or has issues and are not told to clean the gut (and get off sugar) they will not find physical homeostasis – and have you heard of “functional medicine”? well that gives me hope too –

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  4. I’m afraid I must admit that I’d never heard of her either. For me, a purse is simply a container to hold things I need to carry with me that day. I just don’t understand why so many people pay such outrageous amounts of money for designer labels.

    Still, it’s tragic that she had so much and was miserably unhappy enough to end her own life in spite of it.


    1. Hi – thanks for your feedback – and yeah – the purse can be different things to many people. And your simile view of it (as container to hold things) must have some freedoms. My purse needs have changed over the years – but for the everyday clutch – right now I need one that does not collapse when I set it down because of an essential oil mist I carry and then I want easy access to my phone while also keeping it secured – so have specific needs for my container. And then some outfits are just made better with the right little container to hold things for the night – and it can be fun to have options and maybe even feel a little bit of artistic styling in the clutch. Ahhh – but to each their own – and the ones that are thousands – omg

      well thanks very much for chiming in


    1. indeed – chilling on both accounts – and so sad.
      and I will tell you how to measure success – have writers (like yourself) continue to write about the different ways to measure it so people can learn more and more….


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