One Word Sunday: CIRCLE


 Deb’s One Word Sunday is circle this week.

My photographic theme was Summer Circles (and wish you could try some of this Key Lime Pie…. My, my, my….)….



to see more or to join in- go here:








38 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: CIRCLE

    1. Hi – it is light in color from the “key limes” and it is tart tangy sweet – and smooth – from Trader Joe’s –
      A seasonal item
      Look forward to each summer

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  1. (EN) “Photographer”Y I love your shoots! Love your usual,admirable mix too.
    (IT) “Fotografa Y” adoro i tuoi scatti!Adoro anche il tuo solito,mirabile mix.

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  2. I like the first picture of the street corner with the bicycle parking in the foreground. Did you have this street view before? I think you did.

    The picture of the key lime pine reminds me of a time I lived in Fl. and there was a place that had great key lime pine…

    Please have a great Summer!

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    1. Yes yes yes my friend – I have featured this corner before (thanks for noticing) and I bet that fla. key lime pie was delicious. I am trying to make a key lime pie with all natural stehvai rather than can sugar – so far no bueno (only tried once) but will try again – bags of key limes are everywhere this month –
      And hope you have a nice summer too

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    1. yes – it is very funny when that happens – and I actually had to pause the sunday tree challenge because trees were standing out too much to me – not that it is a bad thing but trees were calling to me everywhere- more than normal – and side note speaking of shapes and trees- in May I found a heart shape in some roots and think I will share that next sunday – have a nice day Amy


    1. Ha – had to laugh at the size of the tart because you are very astute – and that was my sliver of a piece – I try not to have cane sugar (not by choice – – for health I try to only have pure stevia – without any additives) and actually that small piece was quite satisfying but back in the day – my slice would have been much bigger – I am trying to make a key lime curd something with stevia but need another go – thanks for the comment

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