Day 3 of a 3-Day Quote and Photo Challenge 

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Happy Monday

Today is Day 3 of a 3-Day Challenge to combine a quote and a photo.

Here is my photo (taken at dusk – May 2018 – as some rain was headed our way):

Here is the quote:

“To keep life safe, be conscious of the invisible red and green signals”

~Master Jin Kwon


Kwon’s red and green signal talk matched my photo because his words directly mentioned the colors in my image; however, he also noted that we need to pay attention to other signals, the invisible ones or subtle ones, in order to live with wisdom and more balance.

The photo also has those clouds, which signal a storm is coming, and lights were coming on, which signaled the transition from day to night. 

I think the photo is such a moody photo. Do you agree?


Kissmetrics (here) reflected on the meaning of green and red: 

Red and green; society & nature have wired these two colors so deeply into our subconsciousness that no other two colors share such a connection of opposing meanings as these two.

We see green as a positive, progressive color, so words like go, yes, good, accept, up, all can be related to the color green. Likewise for red. Stop, no, bad, reject, down, can all be related to red and convey a negative or hazardous type meaning.”


Today I invite:

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Quote and Photo (3-Day Challenge) Rules:

• Post a quote and photo for three days (or if it fits your blog rhythm, do three quotes and three photos in a single post)

• Invite new bloggers to join in (optional) and use the tag: #Quote and Photo 3-Day Challenge

And lastly, the invite is for any blog readers to join in. I was going to list a few more specific invites, but I am unsure if this would fit their blog flow right now – and so if you’d like to join this challenge and feel like you have something creative to share (and want to keep it cycling) please join in with a quote and photo. 🙂

Thanks again to Hip to be Snark (here) for inviting me to join. 

PS – Someone sent this to me and had to share it… the sharing memes is fun…









28 thoughts on “Day 3 of a 3-Day Quote and Photo Challenge 

  1. Dear Yvette, I would love to take part in your challenge. I’m just wondering how you find the time for all this creative thought! Cheers, Ken

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  2. (EN)I’m a “colours lover” so I love your post: great! I think that red could mean also the human life (red of the blood,of heart etc) and green the life of nature(leaves,trees,grass,spring etc).Thanks for sharing Y
    (IT)Sono “un’amante dei colori” quindi adoro il tuo post: stupendo! Penso che rosso potrebbe significare anche la vita umana(il rosso del sangue,del cuore,ecc) e verde la vita della natura(foglie,alberi, erba,primavera,ecc). Grazie per la condivisione Y

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    1. Thanks – and recently I heard someone say that to them green was the color of life – but I see how red really could be a human life color – for passion too – thanks

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    1. yes, and I heard red also makes the eye work harder (or some reds can) and so sometimes people with stress might want to avoid a red room

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  3. I’m not sure if I would call the photo moody, it’s maybe a bit too stark and turbulent for that? It’s interesting how one photo can have many descriptors depending on who is looking at it.


    1. Yes, you are so right about the different views we all have. I did very little editing to that photo – and the first word that comes to my mind is still “moody” – but I really love the turbulent and stark together – that fits so well and just has a nice sound – and thanks for the feedback


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