Priorhouse Health Post

One of my goals for Summer 2018 is to finish Priorhouse A to Z health posts.


Apples and getting off sugar HERE

“Let me repeat, if you are healing from illness or struggling with a confusing ailment – you have to get away from eating daily sugar (yes – even fruit sugar) – it will be hard at first, but need to get sugar out of your diet. Too much of any sugar combines with other things and starts to wreak havoc on your adrenals, pancreas, and liver.”


B-vitamins HERE

“People do not store up B-Vitamins and during stressful times we use up even more. Most food is lacking the B’s and a lot of folks have absorption issues.”


Candidiasis HERE

Candida exist naturally in the body in the round, yeast form, which helps the body break down when we die.  However, when the body has antibiotics (which wipes out the good flora) and have other things going on (like heavy metals or chemicals) – the fungal form of candida develops into candidiasis (infection); hyphae grow and attach to the intestinal wall,  which can lead to leaky gut, mycotoxins, malabsorption, etc.


Vitamin D-3