Gaudioso (Friday Fictioneers) Just Music and me….

Gaudioso (fiction word count: 100)


This little studio set up

will not be taken down

It has been here for a decade and some days

‘twas my place of refuge

during an unemployment phase

small closet converted

led to transforming plays


$400 per square foot

for priceless melody

not even a place to set my tea

just music

       and me.


I smile as I walk on by


at dusty pages

unplugged cords



that long, adagio season

          DID come to an end

leading to much joy – 

          a return to normal tempo  after a deviation is what

                             sometimes grounds a human

washes out demandingness




Author Notes

I wanted to use a few musical terms to go with Rochelle’s musical image this week and the terms i decided to use were:

Adagio, which is a music term that means “played slowly.”


Gaudioso, which is a music term that is “a directive to perform a certain passage of a composition in a merry or joyful, praiseful manner.”
The other thing that stood out to me was how small this fun studio was – it reminded me of a place that had expensive square footage… and the fiction unfolded from there… and so I imagined that a guy was passing time here – waiting for doors to open















49 thoughts on “Gaudioso (Friday Fictioneers) Just Music and me….

    1. or can – for me it would be writing and making art – but in this fiction piece I imagined a dude being out of work and then this was his refuge…
      thanks for the comment

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    1. sounds and memories sums it up well – and side note
      I thought about coming to you for some Italian music words – but I found what I needed –


  1. The strict daily job schedule may at times repress our creative genes. At least you have this little corner – I have only one guitar in a closet:) After having taken it out last year, I can’t believe how much I lost in 4 decades, and it does not come back easily – there’s much beyond the initial calluses

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    1. well thanks for the feedback – and this short fiction was “not” auto-biographical at all – this typeof music room would not be “my” reprieve – even though I took guitar and bass lessons a few times over the decades – I find other forms of art fit me better – –
      and how fun that you took out your guitar and have the callusses – I wonder how much will come back once you get immersed again?


    1. yes – and quite often when people are unemployed they have time but not always the funds to travel or do what they want – so this set up was a healing reprieve and a reminder to be grateful if (when) the days of working feel like a grind


  2. Well that’s just charming. I like where your inspiration came from, too.
    I read that $400 a square foot part about three times. My only solitary residence was an apartment of 400 square feet for $409 a month. A total inversion of cost. Also, that place was more of an allegro passage to forte into THIS life! 🙂


    1. ahhh – that last sentence is a cool wordshmithy arrangement and had me read it again – “more of an allegro passage to forte into THIS life…”

      and that apartment was pricey – whoa.

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      1. LOL, it kinda was, but it was the cheapest one on my side of town and it had built in bookshelves (I had very little furniture) and a galley kitchen and a real linen closet, and step down balcony to a pond with ducks — it was a very happy stay, March to July 🙂 Then we (we became a we) got a bigger apartment in the same complex. Ah, good times. That’s when no one knew bread was bad for the ducks, Y. LOL


    1. thanks so much – although I think we could move some of those sheets over and sent down a mug if needed – so come on back for some tea the next you hear the music play



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