Two for Tuesday -East Coast Road Trip Edition

Hello readers – today’s “Two for Tuesday” post has some photographs from June 2018 road trips. 


Two bikers, two routes on the sign, and two U.S. flags blowing in the breeze – wishing everyone a nice Fourth of July 2018 .


two bikers – two bikes, two posts – and if you look back left – you can see a West 70 sign. This little strip is very popular Interchange when going N-S. Many memories along this strip – and even recall the construction they had here in early 1990s
Two unused gas pumps – Are these 1980s pumps – or older?




This photo, from Downtown Buffalo, NY – was maybe going to be for a Thursday Doors post – but all the contrast here made me think of TWOSDAY. Two kinds of windows, two types of doors and two ledges (arch to the right and straight awning middle). Two kinds of trash – the big blue bin and smaller green one (right). And what really caught my eye was the way the flowers were side by side with the opened bin of trash and side recycle bin.

Next, we have two signs from a rest area. 

How nice to have this pollinator initiative and then a sign to remind us to dispose of items and that “our actions matter.”

Have you heard of the “skip a straw” movement in the recycling world? I am trying not to use straws and more info HERE – Also, considering China is no longer interested in buying the world’s leftover plastics (here) – we all might need to step up our game and reduce and reuse more. Let’s at least slow down on the single use disposing – is this possible for folks??
Two framed photos at a burger eatery – and… two lights, two skaters, and double shadow under TV


Last night, I saw about a dozen deer on the way home. 

They were in areas I know to slow down.  In fact, I can still hear my son reminding me “slow down momma, their might be deer.”

And even if I was already going slow, we’d go even slower….

But what can you do if deer run out on a major highway?

We had a local accident in our area – where a lady hit a deer and then two people stopped to help her – and they were all killed by another driver who was caught off guard. So sad. 


And that reminded me of these deer-alert whistles I used to use in the early 1990s – I think they worked because I never had an issue with deer (and I took a lot of road trips back in those days because we had moved) – and well – maybe I should get some more of these whistles….

Haver you ever hit a deer? Have you ever seen deer whistles or items like this?  Dop you have any two for Tuesday images to share?

Well that is all for my TWOSDAY post – thanks for visiting. 








39 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday -East Coast Road Trip Edition

  1. (EN)”Y on the road” .Engaging and intersting trip!I’m sorry for the sad ending too.
    (IT)”Y on the road”.Viaggio avvincente e interessante!Spiace anche a me per il finale triste.


  2. That’s so terrible about the accident! Only had a nearhit with a deer when riding in a huge bus in the southwest of Germany. That alone was scary enough.
    Haven’t used straws in over ten years – they are terribly bad for the environment!
    Loved the shot with the Echinacea. 😄


    1. Wow – the near hit does sound scary…

      and wow – ten years – good for you.
      We are not huge straw users in our home – but I think part of the movement here in the states is to try and have them available upon request….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great series of twofers! So sad about the accident. I’ve had two close friends hit deer while driving. They can just appear from nowhere. Thank goodness, neither of my friends were injured although one car was totaled. I’ve been told to never swerve. I’m definitely going to check out those deer horns! Be safe, my friend! 😃💕


    1. That is interesting about not swerving – and it makes sense.
      And I know MANY people who have had collisions with deers – our friends in SC have a few losses – like three. Any my Aunt in western new York had a horse run out in front of her car and crash into her – car was a total loss and she was in shock.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much, Tammy – and now I wonder if those deer whistles worked better than I knew…. I had them on my car for ten years and never hit a deer.
      Or maybe loud music would work… jk

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the feedback Amy, and the little flags really called to me – this was around June 14th and so I wonder if they had them there for flag day = or if they just leave them on display always

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  4. I’m interested that you said “more details are coming out”. One would hope the Audi driver, who “declined medical attention” was, at the very least, tested for drugs and alcohol. Sounds like “culpable driving occasioning death” to me, Yvette.


  5. You really had fun with this Two prompt, Yvette! I think I enjoyed the first photo most. And it’s always wonderful hearing your train of thought as you associate things with other things. 🙂


  6. It’s terrible 😦
    But also, you should always hit the deer, because your insurance won’t cover squat without evidence of said deer. Equally terrible.
    Someone I know narrowly escaped a deer collision, but the deer kicked her side mirror to shatters. Too bad all deer accidents don’t end as well.
    My grandpa had deer whistles on his car, and he never did hit a deer, but he did hit a cow. Apparently cows don’t care about whistles, or don’t hear them, and sometimes fencing fails.


    1. well that makes sense – we know someone who recently hit something big on the road and with no evidence – it is called debris and not covered.
      something like that – but your tidbit was interesting – and pretty funny that cows do “not” hear the whistles – (and you are right about the fence fails – and we had youth group kids that used to try to cow tip – I only heard stories that it worked).
      And I am going to get some more deer whistles as soon as I can

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