Taunted by the Steelers Fan (Friday Fictioneers)

Hello Readers.

The Friday Fictioneers’ writing prompt is out and it is a street shot by J. Hardy Carroll.

For some reason, the very first thing I thought of when I saw the orthopedic leg was, “Is that a Steelers logo on the front calf section?”

It looks like a Pittsburg Steelers logo to me.

And so today’s fiction plays with that idea.

Please join me as we go back to October 2017 when the Pittsburg Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens for the first time in five years (here).

Taunted by the Steelers Fan

(fiction word count: 100) 


That leg… sitting there…

Staring AT ME!

“Ignore it, honey.

First time they beat us Ravens in five years.

Let those Steelers have their moment.”




“He comes to MY town

In front of MY Cold Stone store

And has the NERVE…

to leave that leg out there…

with the Steelers logo looking




“Well, um, – hate to say this, but it’s doubly bad.

Someone found his other leg.

There are two logos, I mean legs, now.”



Get me that yellow broom and black trash bag.

Time to sweep up some black and gold….

Edited version of J Hardy Carrol’s image…










51 thoughts on “Taunted by the Steelers Fan (Friday Fictioneers)

    1. Larry – that was exactly what I was going for here – the intensity of the fans with the NFL – and some teams more than others….

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    1. thanks for that point, Kelley, because sometimes that is the case – and that would have been a rough revenge – so I just pretended this was a steeler’s fans “back up set” of legs – ones he used from the 90’s and now they are game day ones

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    1. thanks for the feedback – that helps a lot – I did the spaces because a couple times (a while ago) on what pegman saw posts – people said they were confused with the dialogue. Thta is also why i did different colors – but I appreciate the constructive tip


  1. I’m originally from the Cleveland area, so I understand not liking the Steelers 😉 Of course, the Ravens are also originally from Cleveland. Baltimore stole them, so in ways, they are also stealers 😉

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    1. oh that stealers part is good.
      and I saw a little documentary on the way the team left – wasn’t it horrible – like middle of the night thing?

      and I am a fan of neither team —
      but the NFL is alive and well in most cities in the US and NFL rivals can be fun topics – like in the movie Invincible (2006) I love the scene where the lady wears her Giants jersey amidst the Eagles fans (have you seen the movie?)

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      1. Truthfully I don’t really pay much attention to football. With the Ravens I am glad that Cleveland got its way and were able to make them change their name and so was able to get The Browns back into town. Not that The Browns have ever been any good 😉

        I missed the movie The Invincible, but I know rivalries can be huge.


        1. hey T – the movie invincible is just a good motivational story and the football part is kind of secondary (IMO)
          and her is to hoping the Browns will be good

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