Ruth Hendricks People at Work Exhibit (and Hey, check out that Porsche! picture)

Hello Readers – if anyone is in the Millvale Pennsylvania area (or wants to get in that area) and wishes to attend the opening reception for Ruth E. Hendricks’ People at Work Photo Exhibition – here is the information:

What: Ruth E. Hendricks’ Photograph Exhibition titled People at Work

When: Opening reception is July 7th, 2018 (6 to 9 p.m.) and the Exhibition runs through July 28th, 2018

Where: Panza Gallery in Millvale, PA (here)

Ruth’s Contact info: Ruth’s blog here



More Show Information HERE


Here is a photo from Washington D.C (taken in June 2018). 

It is not of “people at work,” but maybe the folks are on their way to or from work.

When I took the photo I had no idea there was a Porsche in the photo – and I did NOT realize I caught the two guys (lower left) checking out the Porsche.

I love how they seem to say, “Hey, check out that Porsche!” Or they are just quietly thinking.. “dangggggggg…”



I am not sure what I was going for when I grabbed this photo – and it is a “bit busy” – but I ended up liking a few things here. My favorite part is the quick capture of what feels like, “Hey, check out that Porsche!” Those two guys have their feet in sync as they look. Later, I found some additional details in this photo. Maybe a theme of what “appears” to be three: three sets of lights – with the middle set having three on the corner and one is out. Three high buildings. Three sections of guys – two, two more, and the one in blue pointing. Three cars – the two white and the black one center. There are three little ovals on the sign in back of the gazing guys.  However, all of these threes are mere appearances because we have more than just three: we have many more lights, two more buildings, a person by the black car, and another row of oval signs. Well that is way too much looking for one image – so I am done…. 🙂 



Hope you have a nice Saturday and please let us know if you check out Ruth’s Show. 








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