One-Word Sunday – Giant (Bike theme)

Joining in with One-Word Sunday (here), which is GIANT this week, I have a giant bike wheel.

Giant bike tower (or would this qualify as a “bike tree” for Sunday Trees?)

Well this next one would surely count for a Sunday Trees photo (linking to Becca’s Trees #347 here).

Ok – time to cycle away… (that is not me in the bike photo – this couple was riding in The Fan district in June…)

Wishing you a great day (or night if you are viewing in the p.m.)









25 thoughts on “One-Word Sunday – Giant (Bike theme)

  1. Hi Prior,

    that is really amazing. So much bikes on the same place. I love to ride my bike, and it is definitely a great way of recreation . And this monument is fantastic I love it


    1. Thanks, Ben
      and I wish I could ride my bike more often – but I get nervous on streets – even with paths – and so only feel safe on off-street paths – and happy riding to you


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