Thinking of Judy (Friday Fictioneers)

Hello Blog Readers, It is time to join in with Friday Fictioneers. Please note the photo is a prompt donated by Liz Young and the story to go with it is not at all true. Just joining in the fiction challenge. 

Here is the photo for this week:

Here is the fiction to go with the photo 


Thinking of Judy (word count: 100)

It’s been five years since my neighbor, Judy, died.

This photo hangs on my refrigerator, near grandchildren photos and a special card from ’02.

Most of us took Judy for granted.

And you would’ve too –

– been annoyed by her decorations and noise.

That moving Christmas sleigh, egg-dropping Easter rabbit, and ever-changing Halloween gags.

This “manikin in the cage” was her last fanfare before she croaked.

At the time, it really provoked.

Felt like a sinister joke.

But now I see –

Judy had refreshing energy.

She wasn’t messing up the neighborhood’s vibe.

Oh no,

         She was keeping us all alive.


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Oh and just for fun, had to share these “notes from neighbors” (from Google images)








43 thoughts on “Thinking of Judy (Friday Fictioneers)

    1. Thanks Lain, and I have not had any neighbors with such noisy decor – but years ago – a few blocks over – there was a small house that always had crazy holiday decor. They put up a school there and so i assume they were bought out – but my children and i missed the “noisy decor” once it was gone – and that kind of inspired this post


  1. (EN)In the past artsy soaps,sons,sports,healthy food,art,etc and now fictions!!!…May I comment simply “Wow(!)”?
    (IT)In passato saponi artistici,figli,sport,cibo salutare,arte ecc e ora fiction!!!… Posso commentare semplicemente” Wow(!)”?

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    1. wel many thanks – and I was just sharing with another blogger (Robin – who is on to a new phase) how many of us will have our blogs change and evolve as we grow and change = ya know? And I think I have seen this a little with you – I noticed a heavier art season with you at one time – if I am correct?

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      1. (EN)Correct Y😉Go ahead with your evolution then.My curiosity will visit you.😊
        (IT) Esatto Y😉Procedi con la tua evoluzione.La mia curiosità ti fará visita.😊

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    1. hahaha –
      your comment was fun and I did start off to try and add a little twist – so i really appreciate the feedback – and then I used the word “croaked” to add a certain tone as well – (and fun picture by the way – thanks for sharing it with all of us via FF)


  2. Some pranks can certainly be refreshing. Since I’ve gotten older, I’d never want to be the one to potentially cause a heart attack! 😆 Oh, dear, those notes. Takes me back to days of apartment living. Ouch!


  3. It’s the over-the-top Christmas decor on some people’s houses every year that sends me screaming mad. Flashing lights draining the National Grid, Santas, reindeer. Visually, our neighbourhood turns into a mini version of Las Vegas from the end of November, through to January 6. It is impossible to ignore and makes me feel like an alien in a strange land.

    Maybe … just maybe, I might discover that the owners of THOSE houses are okay if I really got to know them, but I think of them as environmentally irresponsible materialists and numbskulls (yes, I’m guilty of stereotyping), quite apart from the distraction of all those lights to passers-by and the possibility of them causing accidents.

    I’m with Iain in not being sure that I’d get on with Judy, but as long as she didn’t make too much noise to go with her visuals, I would probably keep my complaints to myself.

    Well told story, though. It made me think, especially about the fact that one might spend a great deal of time complaining about someone, only to miss them when they’re gone. And really it takes all types in this world, so toleration and seeing the best in people is always something to strive towards, even if it’s painfully difficult at times.

    I loved those notes 🙂

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    1. well hear, hear – thanks for the social connection lesson at the end of the comment – I feel like I could pick apart little sections to go on a few trails “great deal of time complaining about someone, only to miss them when they’re gone. And really it takes all types in this world, so toleration and seeing the best in people is always something to strive towards, even if it’s painfully difficult at times.”
      such meaty societal stuff there.
      And I like a few lights – as I think t can bring cheer and color during some very dark winter days –
      but the over the top- the grid drain (as you note) and the LOUD ones – um, very good points.

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      1. Hope I didn’t get too carried away there. Mostly I’m tolerant and try to see the best in people, but… well, if it impacts negatively on the environment and is in any way unsustainable, then it gets me going.
        I hear what you say about bringing cheer and colour. I like to have some winter-flowering plants in my house for that reason, as well as a few in the garden, too.


  4. Dear Yvette,

    I can see where Judy might get on her neighbor’s last nerve. We had a neighbor who used to put up a huge inflatable pink bunny every Easter. Bad analogy, though. Since she’s moved out I really don’t miss the bunny…or her.

    The last line goes straight to the heart. Well done.




    1. Thanks and I know the kind of inflatable you might be referring to – and it seems that in our area the inflatables have waned.
      Although we do drive by one house who seems to add to his christmas blow-ups collection yearly – and during the day his yard looks like one big SPLAT of flat colors.

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  5. Oh, those over-the-top neighbors. It can get annoying but at the same time they help bring a joyful vibe to an otherwise boring community. It looks like Judy left a legacy that will be talked about when future neighbors move in. 😊 nice take on the prompt.
    Isadora 😎
    ps … I enjoyed the letters. Who knew people leave these. 😃


      1. Oh yes, for sure. A neighbor who doesn’t maintain their property could be a nightmare. I’ve been fortunate to have home owners who take good care of their homes and properties. Have a wonderful weekend … 😎


  6. What a wonderful ending, although it’s a bit too late to tell Judy how she was the glue that bound the neighborhood together and made it fun. (Love the attached notes, too.)


    1. thanks so much Alicia – and I the best part about the character of Judy – is that she was to busy doing her own thing to even hear any critics or flaw finders. Did her own thing with pep in her step….


  7. I like the way you’ve told this story as a poem; and you’ve given it a good, punchy last line, too. Noisy, colourful people like Judy, always ready to try anything, are often very warm-hearted and ready to talk and be friendly, aren’t they? And that’s a lot of what makes them such a good stimulus.


  8. I think she is looking back with nostalgia and looking back we only remember good things, and forget the bad. Still perhaps a case of not knowing what you have till its gone. The neighbours notes are hilarious! These days I think we do it on whatsapp groups / neighbourhood watch groups.


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