Thursday Doors – Colorful Green

 This little farm is in Ontario, Canada (2018) and the little door to the top was a bonus – 


Picture of this painting taken at an acquaintance’s house in Fredericksburg, VA (2018)

Joining in with Norm’s Thursday Doors – to add your photos or to see more – go HERE








32 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Colorful Green

    1. well thanks so much, Miriam – and I have to give the door challenge all the credit – because if it were not for this challenge I would drive right on by – or walk on by. And I bet you are coming across more awesome doors than you even realize! – hint- join the door challenge sometime – 🙂 (but I know you have your blog flow in a nice place… so just a suggestion) peace

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      1. I agree with you, Yvette. When I did Cee’s Which Way, I pay more attention to roads and signs. I participate in the door challenge a couple times. We don’t have enough around the cities to keep the posts interesting. 🙂


  1. I love the little bonus door above those big green doors. It’s hsrd to tell how much green is by design or was acquired over time, but the effect is pretty.


    1. Hi D – I agree – it is hard to tell how much green was acquired and I took this photo from the car window – next time in the area (likely not soon tho) I might get out and get a little closer of a shot….

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    1. Hi Mabel – that was a great description – and when i took the photo I knew it was a lot of green – but only when I got home did I see the extra door and the other greens (as you noted) – I wonder what this looked like when it was new – maybe in the 60s and 70s ?


      1. It could have been a green door from a long time ago…or it was door that has been repainted over and over and given a new look and lease of life 🙂


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