In Search of Softness…. (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge)

To join in with Tina and other bloggers (here) this week, I went on a search for SOFTNESS in my photographs. Please join me as we explore 10 photos from July 2018.

This first photo is what drew me into the challenge.

This mid-July photo has a soft glow:

This next image has a soft vibe too:


But then  – this next photo-  is like an opposite of softness.

The hard lines of the buildings, the road under construction, and the warning of a bump ahead – nah, not soft! (and side note – my friend’s Dawn and & Benny gave me a bump sign in 1987 – and this photo was taken while thinking of them).

This next image has a different building –  with smooth soft curves in this under construction Les Paul Building:

Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has started building an addition shaped like the body of a guitar. When completed in 2020, the 450-foot-tall structure will be the largest guitar-like building in the world

Still not the softness I am looking for – so let’s explore some more:

There is a softness to these French speciality mushroom desserts:


However, not much softness in the next one – the bartender did smile – but not in this frame – oh no, NOT soft.


This face has a lot more more softness – (what a moment to capture):

And this next one? Yeah…  screams softness (this young man said he was her uncle):

And ooooo la la – the soft light highlights on these geraniums brought softness to my face (and reminded me of Mr. Monk Falls in Love S7E6):


Okay – that is my journey looking for softness in July.

Do you have a favorite image from this post?

Or better yet, do you want to see other posts or join in? Go to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Soft for more info.







32 thoughts on “In Search of Softness…. (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge)

  1. I am on the soft side kind of person. I like those soft one 🙂 However, I like the no so soft ones too. The smiling bartender is a nice one and the desert looks great!


  2. Love how you mixed the soft with the not-so-soft Yvetter, very clever!! Fun take on the challenge, thanks for joining us! And BTW, I am the biggest Monk fan of all time so loved your reference to him!!!

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    1. ahhh – tina – we have something sweet in common – #love monk
      and I should have added some info about the flowers or a video snippet of the geraniums from the show – but could not find one – might have to upload something myself because that is a top 3 episode for me from the entire series –
      but here is a snippet of the scene where Layla mentions the traition of geraniums

      “Adrian! What are you doing here? I just came to tell you that, I can’t see you anymore.
      It’s a legal thing, conflict of interests, and so – So – I understand.
      You could’ve just called.
      Why didn’t you call? I don’t know.
      I could’ve just called.
      Why didn’t I just call? It’s no big deal.
      It’s no big deal.
      (monk gets splashed from a car driving by – and goes to Layla’s for her to wash them real quick like)

      Your pants will be dry in 20 minutes.
      Monk: I really appreciate this.
      People in need That’s my job.

      Geraniums, right? Yeah, fresh geraniums every day.
      Something I learned from my mother.
      It brightens your darkest night.
      She was right as usual.
      – Where is she now? – Back home.
      She refuses to leave.
      That’s where I get my stubbornness from.

      (Monk has the bathrobe on…)
      – It doesn’t fit? – No, it’s fine.
      It’s fine.
      Nice and even.
      It was my fiance’s.
      He’s gone for 15 years.
      I don’t know why I keep it.
      I do.

      Read more HERE
      and here


  3. I love your journey. The mixture of soft and not so soft is perfect take of the challenge. I like the softness of a baby on her uncle’s chest!!


    1. thanks for chiming in – and I think I might need to try one of those sometime – we tried other things that day – so now I wonder what they tast like (have a good day)

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  4. Love these. The first one has a dreamy soft look I like. The uncle and his niece is such a sweet picture. And, so, you’re a fan of Monk, too! They’re just as much fun on the second go around! 😻🤗


    1. Hi Linda – I still find details in episodes that i have missed the first time.
      and dreamy is a good word for the first one – I was trying to think of a word and that one fits – so thx – I tried messing with some edits on that “into the light” simple picture – but the unedited one was just right – hm

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  5. Some days you crack me up, Yvette. We need more people like you to get us laughing. Great post. Now, where are the [soft] tissues? 🤣🤣🤣


    1. thanks for checking out the post, Sarah – and a sleeping baby always tugs at me – and all the more when they are THAT cute….
      felt a sense of security right htere in his arms – and her little headband…

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