Changing Seasons: July 2018

July in Images:

 July was a reflective month and so each of these pictures has a bit of this year and looking back a little:


rainy month (but had lots of other kinds of sunshine)


This pic if for Tish… (and this is very minor crop – lol – but tasty snacking and just for the fun of growing)

This is one of my top art pieces. Reminds me of a decade ago when it used to sit on my desk in a black frame. Brings me back to certain students – lesson themes, life then, etc. However, the French text connects to other aspects of my life – like my inability to master French – but also a love for all words that goes beyond language. Oh and when I went to summer camp as child, the camp logo was a seahorse and I used to have a gold seahorse necklace (thanks to a special camp counselor named Rick). I also had dried little seahorses in our Denver craft bins, reminding me of the outreach activities and fun years during that season (and the little seastars and seahorses maybe brought some of the Atlantic ocean with me to life in that land-locked (but great) State. I just hung this seahorse print piece over my dryer because I want to see it more. This is my reflective art piece for the summer 2018. It looks yellow in this image but it has more of a gray tone. 🙂

That is all for July 2018.

Welcome August – and hoping for less rain and more sunshine – or I will need to keep taking some extra D3. ‘



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40 thoughts on “Changing Seasons: July 2018

  1. Looks like you’ve been having a lot of rain, too. Wish we could share some with California! Anything home grown is a good thing! Very cool seahorse! I loved French in high school and don’t remember the first thing anymore! Happy weekend! 😁😻

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry it is extra dry there – reminds me there are perks to the rain – and the photo was actually taken because I left a storm and traffic jam to turn onto gat wide open bridge and I was like – wow?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – the seahorse print is actually originally from a French artist who sold them years ago m
      Thanks for the comment and god bless you too


    1. Oh I am so sorry about the forest fires – and yeah – I can see the reflective connection!
      And July went by fast in the second half for me
      And cheers to August going at a nice pace


  2. Wish it would rain here too, It hasn’t for ages now. Love the seahorse, also used to keep dry ones that I found occasionally on the beach when in holidays.
    My battle with French is still ongoing! It’s a tough one but I intend to win this war. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. right on to winning the language war – I have had seasons of somewhat convo fluent but do not use it enough – and actually it does not matter too much – was more of something throughout my 20s

      hope you get some rain

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    1. I added one hot pepper to my garlic chicken soup and it was a boost of something good and wish I could send you some healing soup – but I am sure you have it all

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh su – that chili and garlic sounds good
        – I made a nice chicken broth last month with garlic and a few other goodies and was an elixir


    1. Hi A – we were just talking about what might be worse – too much or too little rain/
      And sorry to hear of the drought – ugh – balance please
      And a damn might fail in the Lynchburg area – they are watching closely

      Anyhow – thanks for bringing a dash of sunshine ☀️ via blog comment


      1. Ooh no. A dam failing would be devastating and very worrisome if you lived nearby. I guess nature appears to lashing out at all the centuries of abuse from man. We have a lot to learn about sympathetic co existence with nature.

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  3. Seahorses are such wonderful creatures! Thank you for sharing your love & memories of them!

    Your crop looks great – no matter how small, it is fruit of your hands! I was thrilled when we had little tomatos fruit from our plant (we had only a total of 10, and yet we were so excited!)


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