Chimney (One Word Sunday)

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The Fan District Neighborhood – Richmond, VA (August 2018)


The chimney in this shot is to the left mid-center back. See it? There is so much more to be seen here – like sunflower stalks, a variety of lights, and even a Sunday Tree. Also, wait, a Trent sign – need to show Trent!


To my left (after taking the last photo) – this next guy was gazing at his hands like an infant would do. Think he was “on” something.


When this man saw me – he waved and then gave me the peace sign. He talked so normal – I told him that I wish I had something to give him and said, “Oh, I am okay, I don’t need anything.” the light changed and I was on my way – but I ached a little for him and yeah, I prayed- yes, He had to be on some type of drugs… Not sure why the guy was looking at his hands – maybe he was seeing rainbows and dots?


This image is is for Linda and the positivity she brought my way this last couple weeks


Wishing everyone a great day – be back later to join in with pegman

22 thoughts on “Chimney (One Word Sunday)

    1. Yeah – He might have been homeless – I just know he was on an afternoon high in some driveway but then seemed coherent when replying to me.
      And how nice of your family to do outreach.
      We used to as well –

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  1. I am sure your wave and little chat brightened that guy’s day. Its just so nice to take the time to give a friendly wave and smile to others!
    Love the quote about rainbows and stars!

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  2. So sad about the guy but he did sound positive! Speaking of — what a special treat for me to know I was able to give you some positivity! And you gave it right back with those delightful candles! Love it! Wishing you and yours a very blessed day! 😻😁💕

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    1. They are coffee mugs – and I will show you the bigger pic later – and I like how the cat and bird are looking around and up – maybe looking for the stuff on the other mug (rainbows and stars and positivity- ha)

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    1. Well your comment helped me see even more chimneys – when I read so many i had to look and seriously I missed the third photo plethora – ha!
      Just goes to show how comments really enrich posts!

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  3. I love the sunflowers hidden amongst the buildings in your second photo. Like many raggedy sections of RVA (my beloved hometown!) and other cities across our cuntry, beauty sprouts everywhere! Great collection of photos and happy to see these today. I was walking the streets of Richmond just yesterday and feeling a bit lighter today…

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    1. Well thanks for the nice comment Dennyho- and high five ✋ for RVA

      Also – I should have used a larger pixel photo to show more clarity but thanks for your eye on the detail – I am sure you knownhay area as well –
      Broad street near hermitage/meadow
      Wishing you a pleasant week ahead


    1. That is a super fun play on words
      – I grabbed a little video footage and will try and show it to ya in s couple days –
      Have a good day YC

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  4. Cool shot of the chimney! Love the mugs! And who can say what he saw in his hands, let’s hope for something happy. Think it’s a good sign he was so peaceful it can be different sometimes.


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