About Town in Black and White (Connecting with Sarah at Art Expedition)

This post is for Sarah. She recently celebrated her blog anniversary and we had the chance to chat about taking street photos.

One of the stories I shared with her was about this awesome lady I met at IKEA (in 2017). The lady let me interview her on the spot. However, later I felt uncomfortable with the content and deleted the footage.

I then realized I might have “over thought” the whole thing and now wish I did not delete the footage – but I did.

I only kept this image.  And it is dear to me.

This lady shared some of the meaning behind her tattoos, including one that was connected to a loss. 

Cheers to all the people who say yes to a street shot. Many thanks. 

Yes, this MTV shirt was for sale this summer – and you cannot tell, but this is actually a half-shirt. Oh my, remember the half shirts of the 1980s?


Here is a quick shot from yoga class.

Ahhhh….. life is good when a teacher you like picks up a class and you make the drive to enjoy an hour with her.

Life is also good when you refuel with food you love (#mezah Mediterranean grill)


That is all for today. If you have some black and white photos to share – or if you want ideas for some street shots – check out Sarah (at art expedition) HERE



20 thoughts on “About Town in Black and White (Connecting with Sarah at Art Expedition)

  1. Black and white pics are an interesting expression. I like them! FYI: Just in case it went to a different folder, but I commented on your doors post with two links (that causes WP to be cautious.

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      1. I will cop to a very short trial with a pony tail, Y. Fail. I hardly dipped into my bag of small rubber bands. Oh, approaching 40 was something.


  2. Love this shot of the awesome lady you met at IKEA, Y!! What a smile! And having deleted all the footage adds to its specialness a great deal, so maybe it wasn´t the wrong thing to do after all? I remember those half-shirts! Back then I had no problem wearing them but nowaday… let´s just say I prefer them in the normal size. 😉 And thanks so much for this post and the shout-out – you´re the best! 😀
    Have a fab weekend!

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    1. Thanks so much for the nice comment
      And it is really a good feeling to follow up on a comment chat (when I shared this story with you a while back) and I just have to say that I am grateful you decided to have a 3 year anniversary challenge – it added some zest to blogosphere and i have enjoyed those posts from folks joining in – and then it gave me some ideas!
      Seriously – happy anniversary (for the last time – now we will wait til year 4)

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      1. Thanks so much again, Yvette! I´m just glad I could inspire some like-minded people like you to join the challenge – it´s much more fun than when I do it all on my own. 😉 Next best thing would be to go street photo shoot together but that´s a bit difficult with living on different continents! 😀
        And your post was extra special because you even got to talk with the lady whereas I only took their photographs from far away, or from behind like with that one shot.
        Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks again! 😀


  3. Her tattoos are so well done. Really artful. I can imagine you interviewing strangers. Openness. You got it. Is this something you used to do regularly? I am intrigued by posts I may want to spend a rainy day on.


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