Doors – Come on In

These days – it is fun (sometimes) to go inside those huge walk-in beer coolers.


The ones where you shiver, sniffle, chat, look at labels, and then decide on the same Devils’ Backbone 8-point Brew. 


How inviting – the come on in sign really caught my attention. I hope when guests come to my place they feel this welcome.

NOT the solicitors tho – oh no! They need to honor the no soliciting sign.

They need to find a different way for sales’ pitching.

But everyone else – yes…

please feel welcome.

And this next one is a bar door I told Dan about.

It has that old school feel.

But look – established 2018.

Bar is The Fan district of Richmond, VA (we did not go inside)

That is all for my doors post this week.

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20 thoughts on “Doors – Come on In

  1. Bet it’s cold in there! 🙂 I’m chuckling a bit, trying to imagine solicitors trying to sell something in a liquor store or someone soliciting there, for that matter. 🙂


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    1. well it is chilly in there- ha – but usually in and out.
      also – your comment, Janet – was brilliant because you picked up on something I missed here. The whole note about soliciting – and then the beer being a sales thing –
      I can see why you imagined that – hm


    1. Hahha – that was fun to read and I am so glad – because on Thursday morning I was walking to meet a small group and there was a door leaning up against a brick house – just there on the street ! I took a photo and almost made it my Thursday doors post for the week/ but I did not because I wanted to show you the new bar with the old vibe – and glad I waited and made this post (and I will use the white abandoned door later)

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    1. I look forward to reading both of those posts (and wow – is one from 2013)
      And maybe one week you can join in the challenge – even tho I know you have your blog posting already with a really nice groove 😉

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      1. I think you’ll like them! They are a combination of notes about doors and interesting doors. … Off the top of my head, I also have similar posts on windows, arches, corridors, and maybe a few more.


  2. The beer is always coldest in the walk-in cooler, Y. Then: car ride home. Storage in basement because of full fridge. Home fridge not up to snuff as store setting once you’re ready for consumption. But I’m not really complaining. Just sayin’.


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