Everyday Moments (Lens-Artists Challenge)

This post is to join in with the Lens-Artist Photo challenge. The theme this week is everyday moments and Amy, with some excellent landscape photos from the Dutch countryside, started this week’s challenge with this:

“There are numerous moments happening in our every day lives. Many tell stories and are worth recording in photos.”

This was on my mind yesterday as we had two small events to attend. It truly is a blessing to have small events to attend, but it also sucks up time – but! Those are the investments we make for social connections, right.  And the connecting with others (via blogging too) is worth the investment of our time. 


Rather than digging through the archives, I took some fresh pictures.

These next photos are hot off the press:

This one is for Melinda…
L & D collects items from Mackenzie-Childs (here) and this line of ceramics and home furnishings is from a small business that started on a rural farm in Aurora New York.  Some readers know that I grew up in Erie County new York (Buffalo area) and for years we loved going to see family in East Aurora, NY (and Holland, NY) but recently learned (was schooled) that it is just Aurora and it is erroneously called “East Aurora” – hm. Either way, that small little town birthed a nice little business – and they have a second store in NYC. The items produced at Mackenzie-Childs remind me of Mary Englebert’s art – with the designs, patterns, colors, and details.
This one is for Forest Garden Blog (HERE) – see more below if you want garden tips
I love this photo for an everyday moment. A typical American b-day part with cake, food, and drinks. On the table we have the two phones (different brands) – the plates with the forks sorta in sync, the chair (to the left)has square shapes that work with the shapes on the glass (far right) -and the Hungry Caterpillar headbands reflect the party theme. Okay – even if we do not see all that in this photo – it is a snapshot of a fun b-day moment and I have a feeling that in ten years those phones will look old school.


Thanks to Amy (here) for hosting this week: Care to join the Lens-Artists’ PHOTO Challenge? Create a post and link to the challenge with the tag “Lens-Artists.” For more information on how to tag, click here.



Oh – and this is the link for the Forest Garden post (here) that I was thinking of when L’s porch welcomed us with Sweet Potato Vines.

Lastly, this is from B (thanks):







28 thoughts on “Everyday Moments (Lens-Artists Challenge)

    1. Glad to bring a smile with the stick shift joke….
      I drove a few cars that had stuck and we have two cars now – but sometimes it is hard to switch back and forth from auto trans to clutch (when we car swap)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to watch a show called “airplane distasters” – it was more of a science show as they used detective work to sleuth bakntknfind accident causes.
        One distaster was caused by pilot error and was from flying two planes that wee too different and his feet did the wrong thing – I guess that accident led to legislation limiting the type of aircraft pilots could
        Fly during certain time periods –
        That good ol memory of ours…


  1. LOL for the millennial anti-theft device 😀😀. Loved your everyday moments Yvette. A good friend has been collecting McKenzie Childs forever. I’ve seen their NYC store – it’s great. You can definitely be overloaded on it tho!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh so you have seen the NYC store – right on! And Side note – I love when you vacantiin in NYC and chime in on blogs – funny how blog land is – but I know I somtimes feel like I am with folks when they travel – lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The random things that are together are difficult view just in and of themselves but when they are framed under a picture as the one in this post they took different life. They seem to be quite pleasing to see.

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  3. Love all the photos especially your editing. You must tell me how to make the photos faded. I know how to do the other part. The millennial anti-theft device, I should laugh about that one, but lately, my hubby made too many generalizations about the millennial, and I said, my daughter, her hubby and a few of their friends don’t fall into the general group. Oh, well… 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi – I use the transparency feature and make a copy of the image – even tho the collage above with the two pigs is two different photos – I liked the water droplets better in the one I left dark-
      But the transparency feature is what allows you to go light🌺

      And I know a lot of millennial who don’t fit the mold – or sometimes we stereotype without actual support for such claims – eh?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay, that last photo is my favorite, because LOL OH LOL! You know it!
    Love the pig, too.
    I like the party pic, too. I just browsed the “stuff” portions of the bookstore this week, and marveled at the abundance of toys and plushies now dedicated to Eric Carle’s work. Kinda sad I didn’t have any, and my kids didn’t have any. So sweet. ❤
    I love the way you bring things together.


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