Routine (One Word Sunday)

Hello readers – this post is to join in Travel with Intent’s Sunday Photo challenge.

The word this week is routine. 

This bar of soap came to mind. I took the photo because of the label:

Soap for everyday.


Smells like a 30-year-old cell phone store manager trying to sound gangsta.



Soap – Picture A

Here is my second version – I liked the first one better – but I am curious as to what readers prefer?

Do you like A or B?

Soap – Picture B


One Word Sunday | routine


Wishing everyone a great week. 









32 thoughts on “Routine (One Word Sunday)

  1. (EN) Artsy soap😉.I agree with you and I prefer the first one Y. “Soap opera” is great! Thanks for sharing
    (IT) Sapone artistico😉. Concordo con te e preferisco il primo Y. “Soap opera” è fantastico! Grazie per la condivisione

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  2. I can’t decide because I’m trying to wrap my mind around the “smells like” part. 🙂 Can you even do “A bar walks into a bar” joke? I guess it would be clean humor, though.


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    1. Oh that is funny to think about the bar walks into a bar.
      And side note –
      Trader Joe’s has a line of cereal bars that play on that line –
      “This fig walked into a bar” for the fig bars.
      But to me – those bars are all sugar and only a huge dose of glucose fuel ⛽️- so not in my cart…


      1. I get Kashi bars at Costco for my husband on his bike rides and I buy their like-Kind bars for me and for at home. (They have chocolate on them so he can’t take them on rides because they might melt.)

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    1. Hey frank – thanks for voi for A
      And side note – think you missed my angle here (ha) but did you notice what was on the bar?


      Smells like a 30-year-old cell phone store manager trying to sound gangsta.”

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