27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Big ol’ discarded Webster’s Dictionary)

  1. And I have an old New Imperial Reference Dictionary, not dated but I suspect early 20th Century, solid old thing with a lovely leather binding. It’s not what I would call purely a dictionary as it has sections covering ‘Some American Spellings’, the Greek and Roman Alphabets, etc!

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    1. I love books like that – with sections and extra info – and I think the no date offers more about the age- maybe?
      But keepsake for sure!
      For a short while I had a collection of old and rare books but I have given most away!
      I only want books that are special to me whether old or new

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        1. Glad you were able to keep a lot (and I am going to make sure my hubs reads this – he knows I need to keep some of my books – but it always helps when he sees there are many more of us in this group))

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    1. Haha – it does have a ton and this is not really a wordless Wednesday – esp with the comics – maybe just wordless because the blog author only had a title and no words

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    1. Ana – this is why I love blog post comments – because we all see so many different things – and you noted the wear and tear –
      And I think that is what appealed to me after the enormous size and canvasssy faded blue cover – some old
      Books seem to have sat on a shelf getting yellow inside
      But this gem seems used (spine esp)

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  2. I still remember teaching the kid how to look up words in the dictionaries by looking at the first word and last word of the page. Haha, those skills are out. You can sell that dictionary by weight! I always like your cartoons! Good pick, Yvette!

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    1. That would be a lot if it was by weight – hah –
      And you are right – those skills are not needed. Now they just select a word and choose the option for look up – my my times have changed

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