Thursday Doors – Blocked

Hello Readers, Time for a Thursday Doors Post. 

Today’s post features doors from Richmond, Virginia – ALL from August 2018. 

This post started off by adding this door – an exit – blocked by a tree. It reminded me a post from earlier this month where someone featured some doors blocked in a similar way, which was sending the message “Do not use.”  Or… “Do not use right now.”

This next door, a pretty red one with a summer wreath, almost had me get out and take a better picture. However, I was not in doorscursion mode…. so we have two doors here – both with slightly blocked views…
I almost stopped again to get a closer picture of this red door too. I was thinking about doing another red, yellow and blue door post. However, I think this photo grabbed enough of this door, don’t you?
These nice workmen were blocking my view of this apartment unit. (I shared some of our treats with them – water bottle and protein bar.)
Here is the home – unblocked- and with an angled up view…
More blocked doors – (and even the white house to the left has the door partly there – slightly blocked from view…)
These double whites are not really blocked, bu the railing is blocking part of the left door in this image. And check out that cool window….

That is all for today’s Door Post. 

Care to see more?

Click the Blue frog here:

Care to join in? Get on over to Norm 2.0’s blog HERE or at Thursday Doors – August 30, 2018







29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Blocked

  1. These are great doors. Doors on the run. Nice of you to share with the workers. I’m sure they appreciate that. I like the smaller brick house. It looks like it has an interesting history.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree with you on the brick house – and It looks like it was designed to be four units – and does seem old.
      And I like the “doors on the run” phrase – because it is how it unfolded.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah – I am honored to have delivered some familiarity your way – and I usually note that this area is the Fan – well in some posts I do – but you are spot on – this is the Fan district near monument Ave…


      1. Good for you for walking it – (and best wishes on your adventure that starts tomorrow – how exciting) but some people (cardio junkies) sometimes overlook the powerful health perks of walking.
        and yes, we are in richmond, VA – but I would never want to live in the Fan area.
        I like it and we have friends there – and the charm is nice, but really not our style.

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    1. Thanks Judy, and i think I learned about this on your blog a little while ago (not sure, but it was on someone’s Thursday Doors with Norm post…)
      and thanks for dropping by

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  2. Okay, I won’t use the door right now:)
    Love the architecture on your capture after that one of the workmen.
    Thanks for coming by.!
    About the quote: there have hardly been days that I didn’t want to go to work – I feel for people who don’t like their work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That blue house. Gosh, that color, those curves, and the dark little spaces in the shadows. I am very drawn to that house, despite it obviously being not my landscape. I bet I’d like the person who lives there.
    Self-doubt is a mofo and I can’t have it hangin round. Ever forward, certain of the journey, every step for a reason.

    Liked by 1 person

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